How trying to get fit gave me an addition of the opposite kind

March 3rd 2012 is nearly only four months away, and that’s the date of my wedding!  I wouldn’t say that I’m fat, far from it (although my Doctor did inform me politely that for the first time in my life I sit in the overweight category of the BMI – thanks for that, I cried a little when I got into the car that night!).  I don’t necessarily want to loose weight, a few cm’s here and there will do, but mostly I just want to feel healthy and comfortable in my own skin.  I’m not unhappy with my body, nor am I happy, it’s just changed so much since I had P and I definately don’t wear the things I used to.

So how the hell did wanting to get fit turn into an addiction to sitting on my arse searching away on my computer?  I was looking for an inspirational quote, something to think of to get me moving when I couldn’t be stuffed and possibly some examples of work outs to do at home.  It was with this in mind that I stumbled across Pinterest! 

It is so much better than the description people give!  Virtual Pinboard sounds so boring and lame!  I started my first board “Move it” full of hot bods, inspirational quotes and workouts and from there moved into a land of day dreams, inspiration, photographs and colour!  I could spend hours trawling the boards that I follow and the community as a whole.  I daydream of winning tattslotto so I can build a house and design it from pictures I have pinned.  I get lost here in this place some days, some days so much so that I forget to get off my arse and exercise!!

I will visit my boards weekly and update them too, but my goal for next week is to print off one of my inspirational quotes, pin it next to my computer and get out and exercise.  Because I want to, I really want to.  I will find the time, other Mum’s seem to!  Can you?

You can follow me here on my Pinterest page and let me know when your addiction takes hold so I can follow your boards too.

B x


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