Yes, this is my reality!

I’ve had a few blogs in the past, mainly for my Photography business, but I feel now is the time to take the plunge and have one just for me!  I’m starting for myself, hoping to get some readers along the way and start my own mini-community here.

Yes I am a Mum, but this is not just another Mummy Blog.  Will I talk about my daughter P, hell yes, of course, she’s the biggest part of my life!  But will that be it? Definitely not!  My realty consists of many things, and so to will this blog……
– I am not an expert on anything, this is just MY reality!
– I am a Mum to a 3 year old girl named P.
– I’ve joined the dirty 30 club!
– I am getting married in 4 months, holy cow, I’ve been saying for two months now “On Monday I’ll start exercising every day to feel better in my own skin for the wedding”.  Crap, I better start Monday!
– I am a daughter.
– I am a sister to S who has just had her first bub.
– I am an Aunty and a godmother.
– I am a Primary School teacher.
– I am a photographer, taking a break.
– I am a dreamer!
– I am a friend.

So welcome, share with your friends, comment away, I enjoy reading and responding to them.

B x 


No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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