Miss Organised went missing!

For those of you who don’t know me well enough, I am one super organised chick. In every aspect of my life, it shines through. It means things are done long before they should be, I arrive early everywhere and it allows for some down time.
Packing for camping trips is by no means an exception! Our first camping trip with P involved packing for all conditions and of course the many ‘what ifs’! She was only a few months old, so I needed to be prepared for any situation that may arise. As the years have gone on though, I am mastering the art of packing lighter, but still for any which weather condition or outing that may arise.
This weekend though, something disastrous happened! On our first trip away in the new Van, excitement got the better of me. Miles from home, with one tired girl in the back seat, she asked for him, she asked for Sniffy. Her little rag of yellow satin with a bunny head, he goes everywhere she does, but most importantly he takes her off to bed. Holy crap, for the first time ever I left him at home!! Tears streamed down her face as I told her “He’s at home looking after the house while we were away”. She was strong, but come night time, our good sleeper was unsettled.
*P with her new Bunny Caravan Sniffy*
The next morning I ventured out and found a caravan Sniffy, one that would stay there even when we weren’t camping. She loved him as much as old Sniffy and he helped her sleep. But she never once forgot old Sniffy and he was the first thing she sort out when she arrived home.
So despite my super organisational skills, I need to remember things can still go wrong!

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