Taking off!

I was so glad that when I was only working my three days (Monday – Wednesday) that I decided to take long service leave the day before and after Cup Day. It meant a long weekend for us, where we could take off for a while. We love camping as a family with all of our friends, it has always made for great stories, fun and awesome experiences for our children.
*the great open road*
Little did I know when I original took the time off, that we would in fact have gotten rid of our camper trailer and upgraded to a new Caravan! Although we have had many a great time in the camper (including stinking hot days and the odd flood), it was nice to get something that will grow with out family. So this Cup Weekend, we headed for the warmer climate of Echuca.
Having the Van meant packing was easier and we could access our things easily (unlike the camper). Food was in there days before and the fridge was running nicely. Clothes were packed neatly in cupboards, as were towels and toiletries. But best of all, set up took us way less that it used to! I think within 30 minutes we were fully set up, sitting down and relaxing!
We spent the weekend with friends down at the river, watching the kids swim, fish and play together nicely. We took P bowling for the first time ever and also went to the market where she rode a pony, all of which she loved! We ventured out on jet-ski for most of Monday, which was by far the hottest day by far. Food was also consumed, for which my body will pay as of today when I get back on the fitness wagon! Although jest-ski riding made for a good thigh workout!
Best of all we had a great weekend as a family (I even managed to get IN some photos, which is seriously amazing!). The Van was all we expected to be and more! We were glad to have the opportunity to test it out before our big trip at Christmas time, which we are seriously looking forward to!
Yesterday I started playing along in “Mumvember” which you can find over at Kidspot at http://social.kidspot.com.au/index.php/groups/topic/view/group_id/1728/topic_id/13641/post_id/197210
and I will start Blogging about it this afternoon. Should be a bit of fun!

No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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