Day 3 of Mumvember

I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Thursday’s are crazy for me at the moment while I am working full time this term. I rush from work to pick P up from Dancing, head home and get dinner ready (which I now order from the school canteen and just heat up, delish!!). Then rush off to swimming, come home and then bed!
So last night, I decided, for the first time ever, to miss swimming and leave it up to hubby-to-be! Instead, I stayed at home, ran a hot bath, caught up on some Blog reading and read some of my book. I can honestly tell you, I can’t remember the last time I did this without hearing TV’s in the background, P screaming round the house or throwing toys in the bath with me. Tonight, I could actually here the birds chirping in the yard!!
I wont be blowing swimming off regularly, I like watching P, instead, I think I will try and have a bath once a week and just shut the door!

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