Catch up…

I need to catch up on my last few Mumvember days!

*Bake something.
*Steal a kiss while your baby is sleeping.
*Tell you Mum you care
*Feel good Monday.

1. So due to working full-time this term, I don’t really have the luxury to bake as much as I used to (or at all depending on how busy the week!). Last week was a little too hectic, with finishing our long weekend away, catching up on washing and housework and then of course returning to work. So I missed Mumvember this day!

2. I always steal kisses from P while she is sleeping, especially in the afternoons if I lay down beside her for a few minutes. I love to watch her sleep, the soft flicker of her eyelashes and that moment where she looses her dummy because she is in such a deep sleep!

3. Most nights Mum calls or I call her, so this one was easy! It’s funny that we do this considering we still live in the same town and see each other at least once or twice a week. We
always end our conversations the same way “Love you bye!”.

4. Monday, oh Mondays! I was awake well before my alarm this morning (so I’m a tad grumpy!), so feeling quite tired. However, I put on one of my fave maxi-dresses from Just Jeans, put some lip gloss on and even put a nice bow in my hair to make myself feel a little prettier than normal!

More Mumvember to come during the week and I promise next time, pretty pictures too!


No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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