My house annoys the crap out of me!

I have these moments in my everyday day life, where the walls of my house seem to creep in on me or I get the feeling that they are. My home will annoy me, the clutter, the toys, the lack of storage and the tiny spaces. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe, I need to be in the open, where the trees sway and the air is fresh and clean. And then I visit friends houses and the problem seems to be compounded, beautiful furniture, large open spaces, clean and crisp design.

So I day dream of having a slightly larger house on a small property, nothing too extreme. Where I could start from scratch and really think about our furniture choices and layouts of the rooms. Of a beautiful veggie patch out the back for V and P to grow things in, and some chooks to to lay our eggs. But at the end of the day, unless I win Tattslotto, that ‘aint going to happen.

Then reality kicks in, I do love our 13 square home that we built (lets face it, I don’t want to have more to clean!), I love our location, I love that our friends and family are so close and that we

are in a quiet Court. We do have a small veggie patch in the yard, and our garden is lush with beautiful trees, I just need to use that as my escape into fresh air. And let’s face it, although we could afford a bigger mortgage for that bigger house, it would mean no camping trips and no caravan at the beach!

*Our little Herb Garden.

So instead of dreaming (ok, I’ll admit, I will still dream of winning the lotto, but then again who doesn’t?) I clean, I reorganize and I think about how I can make things more comfortable for us and so that I can breathe. I’ll make a list of the things that I could do/buy to make things better.

*Part of our backyard (including kids toys!).

1. I would like a smaller dining table, ours sits eight and is a huge rectangular hunk of wood, I would rather a square one that seats 6.
2. Some new light fittings would be nice, we still have the crappy ones from the day we moved in.
3. A new oven would be lovely too!
4. Declutter all rooms!
5. Get rid of some of the furniture in P’s room, it makes it seem even smaller!
5. Use some of the ideas I have gathered from Pinterest for storage ideas, like this, so simple and easy but yet so great:

Is it just me that gets this feeling? I feel a little crazy about it some times!


6 thoughts on “My house annoys the crap out of me!

  1. And this is why I love blogging so much!! In the short time I have had this Blog, I have already found so many friendly, open and interesting people out in the bloggersphere! I will definitely pop on over!

  2. you CANNOT BE SERIOUS!! we totally live the same life Bel! TOTALLY! I can't breathe either. I just want to breathe and I can't. It's horrendous! I cried in my attic for what my husband tells me was half and hour and I sounded like a harpooned whale dying. Yep. horrendous. xxxx

  3. I love that towel storage idea! The house we are moving into doesn't have room for rails in the bathroom so I'm looking for ideas like that.The feeling you describe about your house is one I know well. I've had times when I just wanted to burn the whole thing down. Sometimes it's me and not the house but other times I just need to clean, reorganise and make the best I can out of it.

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