Who stole my motivation??

Four months until the wedding week!! You would think that would be enough to get my arse into gear and start moving a bit more. I seriously lack motivation! I love the thought of exercising but actually getting to do it is a different story. I have many reasons, I suppose you could call them excuses, or maybe that’s what I should start calling them!

I started working out in the mornings before work and before Phoebe wakes (yes I am finally using her real name!), doing the Michelle Bridge’s DVD’s which I LOVE, but I find in the mornings, my asthma is already playing up, so I can’t really perform to my best and honestly struggle.

Now that I am working full- time, as soon as I arrive home from meetings, I do the washing, tidy the house all the while trying to spend time with Phoebe. I could go for a walk then, but I am scared of getting swooped (I have a terrible fear of birds).

Then I was thinking I could use lunch times at work, but two of them I have yard duty which leaves a measly fifteen minutes to eat. And on the other days, if it rains or it is too hot, I have to be around to take my class.

……Amongst all my EXCUSES, I want to feel good and look good in time for my wedding but also for myself. Since having Phoebe, my body has changed DRAMATICALLY and I don’t have even a quarter of the body confidence I used to. No tight clothes here anymore!

So I ask, what can I do to motivate myself, when can I do my workouts…..I want to hear other’s experiences?? Hopefully through you, I can improve and have someone else to answer too!

Bel x (Yes, I have started using my name too).

Images are from my Pinterest board “Move it!”

One thought on “Who stole my motivation??

  1. Unfortunately my only suggestion Is one you've tried. The only time I have spare, kid free and a bit of energy is first thing in the morning. As you said, afterxworkbus too tiring and weekends are too precious. Hope you find your motivation again!

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