Who’s got mail?

Mumvember continues for me this month, some days it’s little activities or tasks to do with Phoebe (and that I can take photo’s of) and other days it’s more about planning. Either way, I am really enjoy it all.

* Day 8 – leave your kids a love note.

I loved this one, because each night when we get home and check the mailbox, Phoebe is so disappointed that there is nothing in there for her. On her birthday when there was a card addressed to her, she actually cried, yep my three year cried tears of joy! So knowing how much she loves to get mail, I wrote her a quick letter in the morning and placed it in the letter box before we left without her seeing. When we arrived home, there was of course the obligatory bill or two, but underneath it all, her name scrawled on an envelope which she recognized.

Her Aunty (who was waiting at our doorstep), read the letter to her. It wasn’t long, it just told her how much I love her and how much I can’t wait for the holidays so we can spend lots of time together. It wasn’t much, but I think it made her day. I’m going to try and do it more often.

* Day 9 – make a date with yourself
For this I plan to go on a whole day of shopping on Saturday, kid free. Granted, it will be to finish the Christmas shopping, but I am going to dawdle a little and have a leisurely lunch.

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