Minor freak out!

There will be no pictures with this post today, because I’m having a minor wedding freak out!! I know I am pretty organized, so that’s why I am saying “minor” freak out. It’s just because the wedding is in March, I want a lot of things done before Christmas hits!
Almost a year and a half before the big day, we’d already booked the place, the time, the photographer, the celebrant and the caterer! Not to mention I found a dress I loved (freak out one – I hope it still fits!). So yeah, I am organised, mostly.

So today, when I started making a bit of a list, I started my freak out. I think it is probably more because I am working full-time this term and don’t have the extra couple of days to do things. That coupled with the fact that every weekend until Christmas is now taken up with parties, birthdays and other catch ups.

So I guess I just need to breathe and start crossing things slowly off the list. I know it will all be fine in the end, and I swear I have been an awesome bride until this point, no fuss what so ever. So off I go, have a bit of online shopping to do!
Surely I’m not the only bride to have a minor freak out!?
Bel x

No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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