Don’t panic! It might not be a panic attack!

It was years ago that I had my first real panic attack and knew that that was what it actually was. When I have one, even to this day, I get butterflies in my stomach, I tend to get diarrhea (sorry to be graphic but that is my main symptom) which then leads to the cause of my panic …. I would much rather stay at home for fear of embarrassing myself, having to go to the toilet in public (because no one does that do they – see irrational fear!), or being stuck in the car and needing to go to the toilet (which does happen but of course I have never had an accident – which is another fear). When having a panic attack, I let the people around me know by telling them “I’m feeling sick”, it’s kind of my code word!

But in the last few months I have noticed something different, a key, a clue to some of my panic attacks. So I started my own little experiment to see if I could be right and then of course I saw my Doctor and presented my evidence.

It turns out now, that after all this time, I have figured out that even though I am not Coeliac, I do in fact have an intolerance to wheat. Because wheat is a main staple in ones diet, especially mine, this would then lead to bloating, an upset belly and then of course, the immediate need to go to the loo – which drum roll please, would activate said panic attacks!

Since I have discovered this little key, I can say that I still suffer from the occasional panic attack but I have diminished them by 3/4’s!! I even managed a three hour drive to Echuca the

other week, with no medication for my panic attacks and no Imodium (to stop you know what!).

I am still on the path of discovery, one step at a time. What things I can eat and how much (for instance I know I can have a bowl of pasta for dinner but if I have the leftovers for lunch the next day, I am in strife). I am trying to find a bread that I can eat, that is my goal at the moment.

Does anyone know of a good bread or of anything else good to eat?

Bel x

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