My Dancing Queen

The last few weeks have been full of dance concert rehearsals and driving around Phoebe, and I’ll be honest when I say more than once I wondered why I even said yes to her doing dancing!! When we put her into dancing, I made sure I chose a small dance school, where dancing was the priority and not caked on make-up and costumes.

Phoebe of course did have to wear make-up, which I am still not sure how I feel about. Granted, it was very light, especially in comparison to other dance schools I have seen. I don’t even know how to put make-up on myself, I was never taught by my Mum, maybe a good thing, sometimes bad, any who, I managed to make my little girl up.

She performed just as I thought she would and displayed her vivacious personality. And she was of course, cute and a little funny. I should’ve known how smart she was and how in tune with everything around her she is, when she refused to perform her second and final dance because “people were laughing at me mum!”. It was so hard to explain that even though they were laughing at her, it was in fact because she was so cute, not for a bad reason.

She eventually was convinced and went on. I was so proud of her, as was her Dad and the rest of the family. My daughter grew up a little more in front of my eyes!

Do your girls dance? And do they have to wear make-up, how do you feel about it?

Bel x



6 thoughts on “My Dancing Queen

  1. Well Bel, you know that my girls danced. Maddy especially – and OH how grown up she looked with makeup and outfits – especially when she started dancing junior ballroom. The makeup applying never stopped after that!!

  2. Bel, Phoebe looks gorgeous and so grown up! She didn’t look overloaded with make up and I think for this occassion it is fine, I’m sure she would have felt really special!

    The new blog looks great…shame about blogger I’ve never had trouble with my 3 blogs but things look great here on wordpress and love how you can respond to each message! Look forward to reading more…

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