And his name is……

Our Elf on the Shelf arrived today, he was all wrapped up and in our fire place, where else would Santa leave him?!  Phoebe was so excited (and we all know I was too), I have been preparing her for his arrival, so that there was a little less to explain when he arrived to live with us until Christmas Eve.  She unwrapped him quickly and then proceeded to read the beautiful, hard cover book that he travels with. 

She understands the main points now:

  • He is here to live with us, to see if we are being good or naughty.
  • He leaves each night to go back to the North Pole to give Santa updates.
  • He can’t talk but we can talk to him.
  • She can’t touch him or else he looses his magic and might not have enough to come back from the North Pole.

And so, we had to give him a name and adopt him online,

Please meet, the newest member of the family, drum roll please …………………. Mr Scabby!!

Phoebe chose the name, it is indeed an unfortunate one.  I tried some soft convincing, maybe this name would be better.  But no, she wanted Mr Scabby, so that is his name.  Pop by often to see what he gets up to, it’s sure to be fun!

Bel x



2 thoughts on “And his name is……

  1. Mr Scabby lol! Sounds like so much fun Bel. I want to come and live with you until christmas. Phoebe is going to have the most wonderful memories of christmas when she gets older. I can’t wait for my turn and I’ll be coming to you Mrs Claus for ideas.
    Can’t wait to keep reading what Mr Scabby and Phoebe get up to…X

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