Christmas Eve Party

I still haven’t decided after 12 years now whether or not it is a good or bad thing that Michael’s birthday is Christmas Eve (it has meant in the past, especially our younger days, a late night, lots of drinks and often a bad hangover on Christmas Day – think of all the beautiful food and everyone too sick to eat it!).  It has meant that since we moved into together, we have had an unofficial birthday party on Christmas Eve.  It is never organized, but everyone seems to rock up that night but I must say, it is always a good night with family and friends.  

Since most of our group now has kids, we seem to enjoy this night more but it also means it ends a little earlier than it used to (people used to leave at 3am, now it’s more like 10pm).  This year, thanks to my Pinterest addiction, Friday will be spent preparing some festive snacks for the kids and also some things to keep them amused.  I’m looking forward to my first day off in a while, spending it with Phoebe in the kitchen.

from Planning with Kids the Christmas take on the the milky-way cars


from Style Me Pretty

and these are just adorable from Craft Rookie

I think the kids will have so much fun with these, they love balloons at the best of times, thanks to Play at Home Mom, for this simple yet very fun idea…..

Sorry Happy Birthday on Christmas Eve to the best man in my life.  I hope you have a great night (at least the kids will be amused with all the pretty and yummy snacks and the balloons!).

What is your Christmas Eve tradition?

Bel x


Watching out

Phoebe has never been one to get sick or to get sick often.  The occasional chest infection here and there in her first two years was the most major thing we had to deal with.  But this year has been a doosie since the first time she got tonsillitis.  She gets it, goes on antibiotics, she gets worse, goes on more antibiotics, then gets better finally and a couple of weeks later the process begins again.

After a few bouts of it, we realized that he tonsils are massive ALL the time.  I’m not sure how more poor girl evens eats really.  So a couple of weeks ago, we saw a specialist, they need to come out, I knew he would say that.  But he also scared me a little, because they are so big, and because she snores too, he wouldn’t be surprised if she has sleep apnea and has occasionally stopped breathing and we just haven’t noticed it yet.  



Even when she was little, I loved watching her sleep, I think it is something every mum loves to do.  So now I will continue to watch, now I even check on her during the night.  I love that she breathes so loud and snores even louder, it means I can hear her breathing.  Now we just have to wait for the operation, maybe then I will sleep better.

Bel x

Silly Season!

The silly season is well upon our family, has been for a while, no free weekends and weeknights filling up fast too, not only with personal commitments but work ones too!  I’ve been neglecting the Blog a tad, but rest assured, I always have the thought in my mind to return to blog.  

Many have requested a Mr Scabby update, he has been up to a lot of mischief!  Most I have managed to take photos of but some I have not.  I have often caught Phoebe talking to him, and telling him how much she loves him and what a cheeky boy he is!  Some nights I forget to move him and find myself waking up with a start and doing it at 3am!


Mr Scabby stayed in the cage for two whole days (mainly because I forgot but also because the day before, Phoebe was told by Mr Scabby that dummies are only for sleep time.  She didn’t listen).


Mr Scabby got into my flour this morning, tipped it on the bench and proceeded to make some ‘snow’ angels!


Mr Scabby, I know it is the end of the year, but do you really think chocolate is appropriate for breakfast?


Hanging out in Phoebe’s dolls house with the family.


He toilet papered my house!  And with the good stuff too!  We had to dodge it to get out of the front door in the morning.  Awfully funny though!


And this is where he hid afterwards with the evidence!


Phoebe thought this was hilarious!  Mr Scabby had raided her indie draw and decided it was a good idea to decorate the Christmas tree and the lounge room with them.  I made sure not to turn the lights on this night, I was a tad scared her undies might catch on fire!


Apart from these moments, he has also spent time with Phoebe’s doll and her dummy, played in her kitchen and cooked us up some eggs.

If you have your own Mr Scabby (obviously with a much classier name) what has he been up to at your house?

Bel x

Summer, are you here?

Melbourne, although you seem to get confused, I think you are finally starting to realize that summer has in fact already already and you need to fall into line!  The last couple of weeks, we have finally started to get our 30 degree days, at long last!  For us, it means the start of the BBQ season, eating dinner outside, playing in the backyard, catching up with friends and paddling in the shell pool.

This week was even better, Michael is working over the other side of the city, near St KIlda, so after a busy day at work, I picked Phoebe up and we headed down there for dinner at the beach.  It was so relaxing to sit outside and watch the kids playing.

I hope you are here Summer for the long haul!  We have had a taste of what is to come, now lets stick around for a while and enjoy it!

What are your best bits about Summer?

Bel x

What he has been up to!

I find it is a little easier to blog about Mr Scabby every few days, rather than each and every single day!  He continues to be a busy little man and makes us laugh each morning when we find him.  Phoebe still hasn’t touched him and she warns anyone who walks in the front door to keep their hands off too.  She also has continued to be very well behaved, well for a three year old anyway.  So here is what he has been up to the last few days…………..

Hanging out with Barbie in her sports car.

Eyes on the road Mr Scabby!!

Can you see him?  Absailing down the curtains in the study/playroom.

A new home?

And this morning he was so hard to find.  Luckily he knows Phoebe has a milk every morning and knew I would eventually head to the fridge!  Scared the life out of me…..which Phoebe thought was hilarious.

Still lots of other fun going on around our parts, what have you and your family been doing in the lead up to Christmas?

Bel x

Mr Scabby, morning one!

Mr Scabby is amazing, it’s almost like he knows as a Mum what I am thinking!  This morning when Phoebe woke, she crawled into bed with me for our normal morning cuddles, and in a sleepy voice told me we better find Mr Scabby (the names still makes me chuckle and cringe at the same time)! 

She started in the bathroom, checked the toilet and the laundry before making her way into the loungreoom where she spotted him out the corner of her eye on the dining room table.


It seems that Mr Scabby indeed knows about our Thursday night ritual of running straight to dancing, then home for dinner before heading to swimming, and that getting Phoebe to actually eat on this night is in fact like pulling teeth!  So this was what Mr Scabby left for Phoebe this morning, she was shocked that he knew about dinner time!  She also found it amusing at how cheeky our little Elf in fact is!

Just look at his cheeky little face!  Phoebe even said how he was smiling at her!  She has been so well behaved today, more so than usual and when she had a small tanty, I just looked in his direction and she immediately snapped out of it!

We love you Mr Scabby, I think maybe for different reasons, but we still love you!  I wonder what he will be up to tomorrow?

Bel x