Mr Scabby, morning one!

Mr Scabby is amazing, it’s almost like he knows as a Mum what I am thinking!  This morning when Phoebe woke, she crawled into bed with me for our normal morning cuddles, and in a sleepy voice told me we better find Mr Scabby (the names still makes me chuckle and cringe at the same time)! 

She started in the bathroom, checked the toilet and the laundry before making her way into the loungreoom where she spotted him out the corner of her eye on the dining room table.


It seems that Mr Scabby indeed knows about our Thursday night ritual of running straight to dancing, then home for dinner before heading to swimming, and that getting Phoebe to actually eat on this night is in fact like pulling teeth!  So this was what Mr Scabby left for Phoebe this morning, she was shocked that he knew about dinner time!  She also found it amusing at how cheeky our little Elf in fact is!

Just look at his cheeky little face!  Phoebe even said how he was smiling at her!  She has been so well behaved today, more so than usual and when she had a small tanty, I just looked in his direction and she immediately snapped out of it!

We love you Mr Scabby, I think maybe for different reasons, but we still love you!  I wonder what he will be up to tomorrow?

Bel x


2 thoughts on “Mr Scabby, morning one!

    • Oh no really Linda!? Just the thought of him speaking to Santa is enough for Phoebe. They suggest leaving him in the same spot if the kids are a little naughty, but after day 1, not sure if it would work lol.

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