Silly Season!

The silly season is well upon our family, has been for a while, no free weekends and weeknights filling up fast too, not only with personal commitments but work ones too!  I’ve been neglecting the Blog a tad, but rest assured, I always have the thought in my mind to return to blog.  

Many have requested a Mr Scabby update, he has been up to a lot of mischief!  Most I have managed to take photos of but some I have not.  I have often caught Phoebe talking to him, and telling him how much she loves him and what a cheeky boy he is!  Some nights I forget to move him and find myself waking up with a start and doing it at 3am!


Mr Scabby stayed in the cage for two whole days (mainly because I forgot but also because the day before, Phoebe was told by Mr Scabby that dummies are only for sleep time.  She didn’t listen).


Mr Scabby got into my flour this morning, tipped it on the bench and proceeded to make some ‘snow’ angels!


Mr Scabby, I know it is the end of the year, but do you really think chocolate is appropriate for breakfast?


Hanging out in Phoebe’s dolls house with the family.


He toilet papered my house!  And with the good stuff too!  We had to dodge it to get out of the front door in the morning.  Awfully funny though!


And this is where he hid afterwards with the evidence!


Phoebe thought this was hilarious!  Mr Scabby had raided her indie draw and decided it was a good idea to decorate the Christmas tree and the lounge room with them.  I made sure not to turn the lights on this night, I was a tad scared her undies might catch on fire!


Apart from these moments, he has also spent time with Phoebe’s doll and her dummy, played in her kitchen and cooked us up some eggs.

If you have your own Mr Scabby (obviously with a much classier name) what has he been up to at your house?

Bel x


One thought on “Silly Season!

  1. Our elf (appropriately named “Elf”!!) just appears in a different spot each morning. Thankfully he is not as mischevious as Mr Scabby! He does get updates that are worthy of passing onto Santa though…
    “Elf, I ate all my dinner…”
    “Elf, I did poo in the toilet…” (This was the main reason we copied the Elf idea…nothing else was working!)

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