Watching out

Phoebe has never been one to get sick or to get sick often.  The occasional chest infection here and there in her first two years was the most major thing we had to deal with.  But this year has been a doosie since the first time she got tonsillitis.  She gets it, goes on antibiotics, she gets worse, goes on more antibiotics, then gets better finally and a couple of weeks later the process begins again.

After a few bouts of it, we realized that he tonsils are massive ALL the time.  I’m not sure how more poor girl evens eats really.  So a couple of weeks ago, we saw a specialist, they need to come out, I knew he would say that.  But he also scared me a little, because they are so big, and because she snores too, he wouldn’t be surprised if she has sleep apnea and has occasionally stopped breathing and we just haven’t noticed it yet.  



Even when she was little, I loved watching her sleep, I think it is something every mum loves to do.  So now I will continue to watch, now I even check on her during the night.  I love that she breathes so loud and snores even louder, it means I can hear her breathing.  Now we just have to wait for the operation, maybe then I will sleep better.

Bel x


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