Christmas Eve Party

I still haven’t decided after 12 years now whether or not it is a good or bad thing that Michael’s birthday is Christmas Eve (it has meant in the past, especially our younger days, a late night, lots of drinks and often a bad hangover on Christmas Day – think of all the beautiful food and everyone too sick to eat it!).  It has meant that since we moved into together, we have had an unofficial birthday party on Christmas Eve.  It is never organized, but everyone seems to rock up that night but I must say, it is always a good night with family and friends.  

Since most of our group now has kids, we seem to enjoy this night more but it also means it ends a little earlier than it used to (people used to leave at 3am, now it’s more like 10pm).  This year, thanks to my Pinterest addiction, Friday will be spent preparing some festive snacks for the kids and also some things to keep them amused.  I’m looking forward to my first day off in a while, spending it with Phoebe in the kitchen.

from Planning with Kids the Christmas take on the the milky-way cars


from Style Me Pretty

and these are just adorable from Craft Rookie

I think the kids will have so much fun with these, they love balloons at the best of times, thanks to Play at Home Mom, for this simple yet very fun idea…..

Sorry Happy Birthday on Christmas Eve to the best man in my life.  I hope you have a great night (at least the kids will be amused with all the pretty and yummy snacks and the balloons!).

What is your Christmas Eve tradition?

Bel x


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