On a mission

I’m on a mission today, and I have have my mantra “Do not reward yourself with food, your not a dog!”.  I’m still on school holidays, and now that we are home I am surrounded with all the naughty things I got for Christmas to eat (I am a self-confessed chocolate whore!).  My body is feeling blah after the onslaught of the festive season and now that I am home and starting to get back into a routine, it is now time!   

This is what I’ve done:

1. New measurements have been taken.

2. Goals have been set, and plans have been made for what I am going to do.

3. I’ve gone out and bought myself some new work out gear.

4. I have even gone as far as to take a picture of my body as it stands. I was going to post it too, but I realise how good I am at covering up what is underneath and I don’t want to scare the shit out of you!

And this is what I am going to do:

1.  Watch what I eat, which has now been helped a little by figuring out a good, healthy bread I can eat without getting sick.

2.  Cut down severely on the vodka, I haven’t had a single one all week!

3. Try new foods (those of you who know me, know I struggle with a weird problem to do with fruits and salads which makes eating healthy that bit harder).

4.  Work out every day, not matter what, any type of exercise is better than nothing, even if it is a short walk to the park and back.

5. Water, lemon water and more water!

6. and the BIGGEST one……stay MOTIVATED and think POSITIVE.

Do you have some health goals for the next few weeks?

Bel x


Returned from beyond

We have finally returned from our Christmas camping trip down in Warrnambool.  Washing is strewn from one end of the house to the other, as are the unpacked Christmas presents which I need to find homes for.  It really is a thud back to reality after such a great trip.

(This is our rig.  We travel in a convoy with our friends, 4 cars in all and lucky we did!  This pic was taken after one van had a tyre blow out).

This was the first extended stay in the new van, and I must say, it made things a lot easier than we have been used to in the past with the camper trailer.  Everything was already neatly packed into cupboards, including clothes, food and drinks.  Basically all I had to do was make the beds and set up outside (and lets not forget to prep the esky!).

(Phoebe having a bite to eat).

Camping is such a great experience for kids, if you haven’t tried it you must!!  When I was growing up, we camped often, we ruffed it, and I remember it and am better for it too.  We camp with friends, and the kids manage to occupy themselves with sand, dirt, buckets, shovels and water, that’s it, no toys needed!  Phoebe cried our first night home, she couldn’t understand why we weren’t eating outside (you Melbournians will understand that after a hot streak we are back to wintery conditions), when camping, we eat outside rail, hail and shine!

(A god-send for the girls on the extra hot days, where it was even too blistering to walk them over to the beach).

Each year becomes more pleasurable camping with Phoebe.  The first year we went, she was a baby, and I was struggling with the Baby Blues later than expected.  As the gets older, I find myself having more ‘me’ time too, I even managed to read 2 books (I was a big reader before Phoebe, I can’t seem to find the time lately) and watch a movie start to finish without interruptions!

(The weather was pretty awesome in Warnambool this year, which is know for it’s wind and wet weather).

I could ramble on forever about our great break, which was definately needed, but I wont.  But here are some of my tips for camping:

– don’t overpack!  At the end of the day, you can always buy it when you get there, and if you are camping in caravan parks, there are washing machines (I do a load midway through and just fore we come home).  I am getting much better at this each year!!

– take a basic first aid kit.  You might not use it this year or next, but I guareentee, you’ll need to get a splinter out with tweezers one day.  I leave this in the van, including toddler panadol, vicks, sunscreen etc.

– take extra towels.  You never know when you might spring a leak (thankfully in the van we haven’t found any yet, touch wood).

– eat well.  Camping isn’t an excuse to eat badly.  As a group, we take it in turn to cooks dinners, we had everything from roasts, to pasta, to BBQ’s and wraps.

 (Phoebe loved taking her bike with us, she rode around the park and even up to mini-golf one day).

I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow.

What have you been up to these school holidays?

Bel xx

I swear, I’m still alive

I’m still here, I promise. As a family, we love summer, we love camping with friends, and it’s for this reason the blog has had tumble weeds rolling through these past few weeks. I’m back on board sometime next week. I trust your break has been a great one too!!


What has your family been up to?

Bel x