Bad Mum or just not my Mum?

Phoebe started 3 year old kinder this year, my she was soooo ready for it!  She has such a great time and enjoys going each week.  But I tell you what, the amount of art work that my girl does each week is astounding!! Yesterday, I shit you not, 8 various pieces of art work came home in her bag, mainly pasting which seems to be her main interest at the moment.

Dont get me wrong at all, I love seeing her work and how she is progressing but now I have this guilt.  You see my mum was a classic house wife when we were growing up and she has this amazing ability (and obviously storage) to keep sooooo many things from our childhood.  She has albums upon albums of our school work, art pieces, awards and photos, not to mention the weird stuff like plaster casts from our first broken boneS! And yep, she still has it all!

So now I am left wondering how to keep records our of girls life, her progress, her achievements and of course her beautiful art work.  She does things for other family members but what I am I to do with the rest….. I am realistic knowing I can’t keep it all, right??  Can I be as good as my Mum was?

How to you keep your kids records and art work?


10 thoughts on “Bad Mum or just not my Mum?

  1. There does seem to be loads and I want to keep everything! But I have started a scrapbook of special pieces…first texta drawing, first recognisable person drawing, etc. labelled and dated so we can look back on it all. The rest are displayed in bedrooms and if they can’t be sent to family members, they sadly get “filed”.

  2. Oh I so understand. The wall at daycare is mostly dedicated to Alyssa’s work. 🙂 we have an art wall at home for some of the pieces (that might get kept) and i take a photo of the rest. I put all of the photos form last year into a photo book (hard cover one done online) and now the WHOLE year is compressed into one little book on the bookshelf. Such a space saver and a look like an organised mum with no regrets for throwing anything out.

    • That’s a great idea! I do 2 photo books each year, one from my iPhone pictures and one from my good camera but I never thought to do it with art work. Something to ponder!

      • This was the idea I was going to suggest. My kids are older now, but have seen mothers who take photos and then make a collage of all these photos to add into their photo albums.

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