Drawing the line

I love the gift of giving, especially when it comes to kids.  The way their face lights up seeing a package that they know is just for them, contents unknown, excitement rising!!  I even love giving to adults to tell you the truth, especially to Mum’s who never really treat themselves, it’s nice when you can do something nice for them.

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This month has been a killer though, the present outgoings have really bashed about my bank balance.  With something like five Christenings/naming days, a few baby showers thrown into the mix, a birth or two, in excess of eight birthdays not to mention just getting over our Wedding and Easter coming up, I’m starting to wonder whether if I should, how I should, if I should, somehow try and draw the line.  I love to give beautiful, genuine gifts, but how do I tighten the budget without looking like a complete tight arse?

I know people tend to go for the ‘making’ option, but I can be crafty when in the mood, I can bake a little too, I’m still in the beginning stages of learning how to sew but I do take a mean photo!  How on earth do you manage with the tough months, where the birthdays seem endless and your bank balance is nearing zero??

Bel xx

*Disclaimer – to all my friends out there, I love buying you gifts (especially if you fall into any of the above mentioned catergories for this months gifts!).  I’m just wondering whether I am alone in this and how other people manage (I know we all have a tough month or two?)



10 thoughts on “Drawing the line

  1. For birthdays – I choose a generic gift idea and everyone in the family and friends get that gft that year. For example one year I did a book for everyone (different titles to suit individuals), another year a bunnings voucher or plant, another was a Music CD, this year is DVD year! That means everyone gets the same monetary value (and I can budget it in to what is coming up!).

      • Me too! How good!
        I have a policy (I’m known as a tightarse anyway), but not for my besties. “if the person has a party or event I’ll buy a gift, if they don’t, I don’t buy”. It’s been alright so far. I also only buy what I can afford, and ‘chip in whenever possible – better gift overall and usually cheaper for me.

      • That’s just the thing though Tez, at the moment we have so many parties etc – none of which I can/want to say no to. Definately think I need to sit down and rough out some sort of plan. I do like when you can put in together though, it means that you can all get something great but without breaking the bank!

  2. I am not opposed to regifting. This is easiest when it comes to kids gifts. Baking is definately another good option especially if they already have “everything”! And sometimes you just have to buy that cheaper gift. We have that problem at the moment but hopefully they will realise that we just can’t afford much. Besides…it’s the thought that counts…right, right????

  3. It is very hard especially with one wage and government maternity leave paying mortgage. I try to set limit for presents and get something unusual or different if cant do that then I figure it’s not price tag that matters but the giving of something anything really! Being there is what matters and if people think you’re a tight arse they aren’t great friend to begin with!!!! Xx

  4. Buying,wrapping and giving a gift is such a great feeling but at times can be so overwhelming either so many to buy for or what to buy? Do you think asking someone what they want or finding a present you think suits that person isa better option? I think it’s hard to figure out who to buy for and who not is a real battle …arghhh ongoing issue

No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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