I’m not exactly sure when it occured or started occuring, but recently I have noticed that my three year old daughter seems to have a better social life than I do!  When she first came into our world and I became comfortable being a Mum, life was a buzz with catch ups with friends, meeting new people through mother’s group, Mum’s and Bubs movie session etc – to the point where, I had to find the time and schedule in when to do my housework and washing!

This past month has opened my eyes to the lack of a social life I have, and how great hers is!  Party after party, playdates with friends (I suppose I could claim this one too if it’s also a friend of mine), Wednesday nights she takes off to go and watch her Aunties play netball.  Last night, a weeknight none the less, she even ditched us and our ritual ‘Tuesday Night Family Dinner’ for a trip into the city to watch netball!!

I’ve always been big on being a Mum but also letting Phoebe see that I am my own person too… I work, I have my own friends, I have hobbies and passions but I love my family too, and enjoy spending time with them – you can have it all.  This was great when I had my hobby and photography business with my sister, it meant that we got out a bit, did something we loved.  It also meant at home, I had to find time to look through photos, edit and find inspiration.  But lately, the catch up with friends has died down (unless it’s with kids in tow), I can’t even tell you the last time I really picked up my camera or even read a book (which is something I did alot of in the past).

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So, I’m going to start trying to put the fun back into my world!  I’m going to focus on doing more things for me.  Phoebe can have her fun and hopefully I can too!  I’m going to:

1. Read at least one page of a book most nights.

2. Try to go out to dinner with some friends, that doesn’t involve an occasion like a birthday.

3. Get my bloody camera out!  Somewhere in the last few months I lost my mojo, I need to find it again.

4. Get back into walking, or moving.  Phoebe can join in on this one!

5. Continue Blogging, I’m really loving it (and try to get myself into the Blogging community more).

6. Look forward to our girls weekend in August (oh yeah, sleep ins, day spas, chats and laughs!).

Do your kids have a better social life than you?  Are you happy with that or do you want to try and have some fun like me too?

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Lifeless

  1. Bel I know what you mean, spending me time seems to have become kids time, all catch ups seem to involve kids somehow. I love it but same goes for me, me time doesn’t exist, except for someone’s birthday etc… Even when have planned time ie. Saturday for professional make up class with sister in law and girls, found myself being called about terrorising child, Tyler, by his dad no less, couldn’t make him happy to crying friend in need! No me time or relaxing felt guilty having time to myself then couldnt relax!!! But I deal with baby, toddler stuff everyday and didn’t call hubby when Tyler up every hour while he had five day footy trip!!!! It’s time to take Lorraine time back, we are women and people too not just mums, hard to remember sometimes! Great blog

    • I was really lucky to have V around alot when Phoebe was growing up, and he played a very active role in looking after her as much as I did/do – so I’ve never had the phone calls, or the separation anxiety which was lucky!
      Definately time to find time for ourselves! If we make a concious effort, things will change! Dinner?

  2. I so hear you! If you’re lifeless I am dead and buried years ago!!! I find it so hard, especially working full time. All the non-working mum’s or part timers organise their catch ups during the week and do family things on the weekend. I feel so out of the loop and although time on my own would be golden would kill for some friend time even if the kids are around lol. It’s so sad to realise sometimes that it’s been months (or in some cases a year plus) since I saw some friends!

    • That is when maybe you need to grab the time you have and just go for a coffee! Thursday nights after work, clock out and go to a local cafe, even by yourself!
      I am planning a MNO soon, so stay tuned (Mums Night Out)

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