Solid Silver Love

This picture represents a lot to me.  If you can’t quite tell what it is, it is a solid silver bracelet, Phoebe’s to be exact.  Notice the cut?  Phoebe recieved this as a gift when she was just a bubs, and she’s had it on ever since.  To the point where it couldn’t come off and had to be cut off.  The argument is now that I want to put it away in her jewellery box so that she (and I) can look back and she just how teeny she was.  Hubby on the other hand, wants to get it extended so she can keep wearing it.

This bracelet has seen a lot really.  I remember when we first put it on her she hated it and constantly played with it trying to get it off.  The day she cut it, she felt odd without it.  It represents that she once was a baby (that time seems so far away now), the ups and downs we went through to get to this point (sleep issues – yes she was once a bad sleeper – either that or being a first time Mum I didn’t recognise her tired signs, not to mention the other bits and bobs that come along with having a baby).  My baby is all grown up, or growing up, that’s my point though, this bracelet can stay the same while she gets older and experiences all the life has to offer.  Sentimental much?

So what would you do, extend it or put it away?

(Notice that it is currently in the jewellery box and I hope that hubby forgets about it altogether!).

Bel x

Enjoy your school holidays!



10 thoughts on “Solid Silver Love

  1. I didn’t realise you’d finally cut it off her…hmm thats a hard decision, theres good arguments both ways…what does P think?

  2. Ask phoebe! But I would keep it to look back on. Love that kind of stuff. Could maybe get her a new one so you’ll end up with a collection as she grows.

  3. Put it to the side as a treasured memory of your baby girl. There will be many, many, many bracelets to come (believe me!!!)

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