Today I feel as though I have reached a small but important personal milestones, it may not seem that big to you, but it sure as hell does for me!

Due to my panic attacks or sometimes social anxiety, I don’t often go to new places, events or new shops alone.  I feel as though people are looking at me and judging me at times, this then leads to nervousness, which leads to anxiety and then sometimes to a panic attack.  This is usually lessened if I go with a friend or have my lil sis with me, who totally understands my craziness!!  Anyway, on to the milestone…. the other day I was doing my daily Internet run (visiting my fave Blogs, a bit of Twitter, Instagram and then some Facebook) when I headed over to the Facebook page of Hello Owl (you can find her blog here which I visit often) and saw a photo of her in a lovely cardi which she pointed out was from Mix Apparel.  I immediately googled said Mix to see what stuff they had, it was then I realised it was the Coles clothing brand.  Wooo, hold up, I couldn’t shop there, what if someone saw me, what would they think?  Seriously?  Buying clothes at Coles?

After a few tweets to Dani from Hello Owl (who I don’t even know in real life, just from her Blog), she insisted the stuff there is awesome and I must look (she’s pretty fashionable, or so I think – and who I now owe a thankyou too).  So today, I took a deep breath, started my walk through the shopping centre towards Coles.  Nervousness struck, so I dashed into another shop first and bought a pair of jeans (which that is a WHOLE other post!).  But then I made my way into Coles, the clothes racks are at the front, right there for everyone to see, see ME that is!  I had a quick look around (at the clothes and the people who were there too), and yes they had some great stuff.  I grabbed a top and two cardi’s kinda wrapped them into a ball and made my way to the register.

Although I was still slightly hiding the fact I was shopping there, I managed to do it without having a panic attack!!  Best of all though, I got home, tried them on (because you can’t in a supermarket), they fit and they look great!  I will definatelty be shopping there again, I don’t care who sees me and I sure as hell will tell people where I got my new purchases from if they ask!

I’m starting to see more benefits to this Blogging community than meets the eye!

Bel x


17 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. I LOVE the clothes at Coles! Gorgeous fabric and styles but unfortunately I don’t think they will fit me. Maybe I should be brave like you but my nervousness is more about if it doesn’t fit I’ll have to return it, and explain why. Even though I know I’m fat it’s not easy to admit to strangers. Pity they don’t have a changing room! Good on you I’m really proud and you look great!!!!!

  2. Aww Bel, that made me all teary. I’m so glad I could point you in the right direction. It’s all about take one step at a time.

    And you look fabulous in your new clothes. I totally need one of those cardigans for myself. How many is too many?

    I think they definitely need to do something about change rooms. It’s always great to try things on.

    FYI – half of my clothes come from bigw {emerson} and I’m not afraid to shop there :p

    • Your the one who I needed to thank! I love reading blogs, now writing my own but I am now beginning to see how amazingly awesome, supportive and inspiring everyone can be! I guess now that I think of it, it is allowing me to put myself out there more and become more confident in doing things out of my comfort zone.

      And you can never have enough cardi’s!!

      Thanks again x

  3. Was looking at that cardi today!!! If you want to try them on the Coles in Taylor’s hill has a larger section and fitting rooms (also 2sec from my house)

  4. You go girl! The clothes look fab on you. I often find the first time that I do something can make me freak out, but it gets easier the more you do it. Dani is very stylish isn’t she 🙂

    • Thanks Alice, love my new purchases. It has definitely made me more confident to go out and do new things. Dani is definitely has a good sense of style.
      Thanks for visiting x

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