Tidbit Tuesday

Tusedays shall be know as “Tidbit Tuesday”, where I will share two things that you may not know about me.  Some will be weird, some wonderful, ok mainly weird.  So pop by on Tuesdays and get to know me a little better x.

1.  I count buttons – on remote controls and on phones.  Once I have counted, I have to re-count to make sure that I counted correctly the first time.  And so the vicious cycle begins.  See below, the remote control in our bedroom, notice all the numbers are worn off, yes they were once there – that aint from excessive use, that’s from my counting.  This remote has 28 buttons (I’m pretty sure, hang on, let me check, yep 28).  I’m so glad I have an Iphone now let me just say!!

2.  When I wake up in the mornings, I’m hungry pretty much straight away, if I don’t eat, I’ll have a cold Milo instead.  It drives hubby mad, he’s the cook of the house, he doesn’t make my breakfast though so I don’t know why it bugs him so much.  And when I have a cold Milo, I have it in the same cup that I have had it in since I was a little girl (I made Mum give it to me when I moved out, Milo in a different cup just isn’t the same).  Just proves too that Tupperware does last!

And another one for today, despite the two above pictures and the heavy use of the colour red, it is actually my most disliked colour.

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Tidbit Tuesday

  1. Oh Bel, I think you may be just as strange as me 🙂 Love a cold Milo – especially scooping the Milo off the top with a spoon. Breakfast of champions I say lol

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