Camping with kids

I’m pretty well know for being an organised person, a planner if you will.  Some of you will be heading away for the Easter weekend as a family, and if you are like us, we love to camp.  We have built our way up from a tent (when we were young and first started seeing eachother), then moved to a camper trailer which we used when Phoebe was first born, and now have moved onto our caravan.  Packing has been made slightly easier for me now that we have a van, alot of the stuff we need is now permanately in there and we just have to re-stock occasionally.  I also don’t need to pack suitcases, it now all goes straight into the wardobe.

Phoebe camping last year, remember your hats!

Some of my personal tips for travelling with Phoebe:

1.  I pack sandwhiches, and more snacks than I need for the road trip.  I also have drinks, but try to keep an eye on how much Phoebe has, so that we don’t have to stop too many times when nature calls.  I pack food for all of us, it means no unecessary stops for takeaway food and a never-ending supply to keep even the hungriest satisfied.

2.  DVD player, what the hell did our parents do before these things were invented?!  Phoebe is a talker, and a good one at that, once, she chatted the whole way from here to Echuca, that’s a three hour drive people!!  And towards the end, it did consist of the obligitory “Are we there yet”, “How much further until we get there?”, “You said five minutes, five minutes ago!”.  So now, Phoebe has her DVD player, her own set of head phones (as we used to get yelled at for having the radio too loud) and now everyone is occupied and happy!

3.  If your kid is going to get sick or hurt themselves, they will more than likely do it when you are away.  This is why I have my own ‘workable’ first aid kit, the stuff you’ll actually need and use.  Bandaids – pretty ones of course, tweezers, nail clippers, pins, antiseptic, kids panadol, vicks, a thermometer, calamine lotion for those nasty bites and sunscreen.  Don’t worry about an ice-pack, our esky is always full!

4.  I only take one or two toys for Phoebe (and I usually try to match it up with what her friends are taking, it minimises fights).  Usually we all take a baby, a ball and some sand pit toys.  The kids are all getting a bit older now, so they tend to make their own fun.  I also pack a couple of books for Phoebe to read at night time.

5.  Pack for all conditions (this means clothes, shoes and bedding), don’t pack too much though, remember if you need to you can wash it.  And common sense, don’t pack the good stuff, they’ll be playing in the dirt the minute you get out of the car, that is half the fun of camping!

Nothing beats a good Barbie while camping.

Camping with kids is as hard as you make it.  If you are organised and well planned, things will go pretty smoothly but make sure you roll with the punches too (shit will happen, it’ll rain, the kids will cover their clothes completely in mud – usually the last pair of warm clothes they have).  I’m not saying it is always easy, I had a hell of a time when we first took Phoebe camping, mind you she was only three months old and a terrible sleeper – it’s safe to say I lost my shit on more than one occasion.  But if you camp with a great bunch of friends like we do, you all look out for eachother and look out for eachother’s kids and it will be a great experience for all.  These times with our family and friends, will be ones that we can treasure and look back on for years to come.  The fact that Phoebe cries when we pack up and leave just tells us how much of an impact it has on her.

And she’s buggered!

What’s your number one tip?

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Camping with kids

  1. We are going camping with our children for the first time this year. I’m both excited and nervous. These are great tips, thanks for sharing them. Just found your blog through following you on Instagram and I’m really enjoying your posts.

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