I am woman, hear me roar!

For the first time ever last week, I headed off camping without hubby (he had a big day at work and couldn’t come up til later – there was no way I wanted to arrive at 11pm to set up!).  This meant however I had to tow, for the first time really.  There was no way I wanted to tow the huge van, so plans were made for me to travel up with my bestie and her family, they would tow my van and I would tow their boat.  Genius really that bestie and I also planned for her hubby to take her two eldest girls (five and four) and Phoebe, while we took her youngest aged one (who slept most of the way, which left us lots of time to gossip).

Me and my high-school bestie Nic

So I towed the last little section of the journey (which was one hour out of the four), around a huge mountain (ok, maybe it was more like a hill with a few bends), white knuckled and not letting my eyes avert the road for even a split second to look at the scenery.  We thankfully arrived safely, including her hubby who had to endure Phoebe asking a million and one interesting questions along the way.  Then it was time to set up, alone, all by myself, just me, which I have also never done before.  I knew I would stuff it up somehow, I’d even said so before I left.  Me setting up is like hubby trying to clean our house, he just doesn’t do it exactly the way I would (the right way of course).  So I proceeded to set up, doing a super amazing job, when I eventually ran into trouble and broke the arms at both bed ends.  I seriously somehow snapped the bolt right off.  Now, in hindsight, I should’ve left them, pretended that nothing had happened so that when Hubby set up next time, he would think he had done it.  But I’m a little too honest and let him know, to which he proceeded to give me a lecture and I proceeded to tell him where to go and that I didn’t to get off the line to stuff something else up.

But all was good.  I setup in good time, everything looked the way it should and I was finally able to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the night by the fire until he arrived and surveyed the damage.

P.S Ignore the men, they are setting up the communal BBQ (they helped push the van into place though, good job men).

This weekend I also finally managed to stand up skiing (I tried about 3 times for the last two or so years to no avail).  So when I actually got up, however I shit myself, everyone has always focused on helping me get up that they failed to mention what I should do when, if I ever did, so I screamed and let go.

We also came home one night without the boys, to a dark surrounds and a chill in the air.  Cue me, splitting wood in the darkness on the road and lighting the fire of all fires to warm up the insides.

My roaring fire, after it died down a little.

After the weekends end, I realised how many things I did with little or no help (especially from Hubby, who I realise I now come to rely on over the years to help me out).  I am woman, hear me roar!

Stay tuned on Friday for more of our camping adventures.

Bel x


5 thoughts on “I am woman, hear me roar!

  1. Go you!
    Yeah I rely on my hubby more than I really need to aswell, it’s empowering when you realize that you CAN do it yourself! It’s those damn jar lids that get me though, everytime…

    • Lol Suzi! My hubby is the cook of my house, I’ve lost all skills in this area now, but when I do cook, it’s as though I have invented an amazing dish that no one ever thought of. You are right, it can be very empowering!

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