I know some of my fondest memories are camping with my family when I was young, sitting by the fire in my little kids camping chair and toasting marshmallows.  Wandering in the bush and building our own cubbies out of sticks and leaves.  Spending time by the water with friends and family.  So it is with great pride I say, I love camping with Phoebe, yes we do it a little more glamoriously now days but the concept is still the same.

Me, soaking in the fresh air and rays.

We are super lucky to have an awesome bunch of friends that we camp with almost all of the time.  Our girls are all around the same age and are growing up together.  We always trek off together, safety in numbers (which we discovered at Christmas last year), help eachother set-up and watch out for all the kids.  Easter is probably one of our favourite trips, although it is short, we pack alot into those few days.

 Phoebe heads off on the Fire Engine.

Good Friday is always spent out on the water, the girls play at the edge with the safety of their life jackets and everyone watching out for them.  The adults take turns skiing or in my case, attempting to ski.  The kids take trips in the boat too and are now all pretty confident when it comes to skiing on their own (kid still, Phoebe calls it scooting).  Hubby bought a canoe this year too, which I really enjoyed, so peacful out there alone on the water.  We set up shades on the banks, eat good food, listen to the radio, catch a couple of zzzz’s and laugh our arses off most of the time.  In the morning, the local Fire Brigade come around to collect money and this year the girls even got to have a ride on the Fire Engine, sirens and all!

 Life jackets are non-negotiable for the kids if they want to play near the water.

Easter Saturday is Pub day, you see, this Easter weekend was originally a boy’s weekend, which started way back when they were at the ripe old age of eighteen, a few years ago though, they decided that with families on the way, we could join in too (gee thanks!).  The girls take the kids down for lunch and then head home to put them down for a nap (and ok, we nap too).  We venture back for dinner, and depending on the year, they either come home with us or stay for longer (hence why I was left to light the fire this year).  During the night, I set up the bunny prints, and also the hunt, I love playing the role of Easter Bunny!

Sunday morning, oh what joy, the Easter Bunny has been!  We all emerge from our tents/caravans at 7:30am and unleash the girls for the hunt.  They run around screaming and collecting eggs, while the Dad’s nurse their sore heads and the Mum’s shake theirs.  Chocolate for breakfast too, which is my fave part!  The caravan park organises a big bunny to visit all the kids and have a photo with him.  We are at the top of the hill, so we can always see him coming.  Each year it is pot luck to see who cries, only one did this year.  We head back to the water again on Sunday, and really enjoy our last full day before we have to pack and leave.

Phoebe and the Easter Bunny, no tears or apprehension this year!

My not-so baby girl skiing all the way out in the lake.

 The girls fight like cats and dogs, but love eachother the next minute.  It is hilarious to watch them play their own little games, have their tiffs and try to sort them out.  Everyone watches out for the kids which is what I love about our group, you know that they are always safe and being watched by someone.  We are usually blessed with the weather too, nothing worse than camping in the rain!

What did you get up to for Easter?  Do you head away alone, or are you lucky to be with great friends like ours?

Bel x


No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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