Tidbit Tuesday

Tuesdays, where you get to find out ‘stuff’ about me!

1.  When I am really super tired or I can’t seem to get to sleep, I always lay on my belly with my head to the right and my hand under it.  I always go straight to sleep but often wake up with pins and needles up my little fingers.

2.  When I hang out the washing, I do it in a very orderly manner (meaning it probably takes more time hanging out but less to bring it in).  Phoebe’s clothes go on a clothes horse, a big one, and everything is hung in categories, like all her tops together, her pajamas in the one spot … you get the jist.  It’s the same for our clothes, I hang hubby’s altogether but in categories (work tops, work pants, normal tops, normal pants) and mine together in the same way.  I used to color code the pegs too, but I’ve given up on that a bit now.

How do you hang your washing, please tell me your are particular about the way you do yours too!!?

Bel x


One thought on “Tidbit Tuesday

  1. Not quite as organised as that, but all the socks and undies from the whole family go together, all the tshirts, all the pants etc, so that all the heavy things are on the outside and can catch the most sun/wind. When I bring it all in, I take things off the line and fold by person, so its easy to put all of their clothes in their room without sorting. Glad to hear I’m no tthe only crazy one!!

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