Breaking Point

I have reached breaking point, or better still just a point where I can’t go on the way I am.  I was on a good fitness streak before the wedding (and not because I was getting married either, because I just felt blah!).  I was loving the immediate feeling after working out, that feeling though is hard to remember when you are trying to drag yourself out of bed to exercise.  My weight didn’t budge one bit, but my body was changing.  But all that fell in a heap after the wedding, now I’m too scared to get on the scales.

The other day I borrowed a treadmill off a friend, there will be NO more excuses for not getting off my arse and moving.  The things that bought me to this point though were numerous:

– After Phoebe’s first major tantrum I can remember (it was a bloody good one too that lasted a full hour of her screaming and crying like I was stabbing her in the eyes or cutting off her legs with a steak knife) which just so happened to conicide with my first walk in ages with her in the pram.  At this point, I realised I could no longer rely on her to come with me and be 100% angel like.  So how the hell was I going to fit in exercise?

– The moment when I had dressed up a little, did my hair (which I normally put no effort into at all) and made-up my face, which is also very rare but made me feel so pretty, even a little hot (I strutted like I was hot).  Hot until I looked back at a photo and realised that what I saw when I walked out the door that day and what the camera saw were two totally different things!

– When I finally succumbed to buying my first ever pair of high wasited stretchy jeans (which I must say I rock) and coming to terms with the fact that my body shape will NEVER be the same as it was pre-Phoebe.  This is not me giving up on trimming down, rather realising I can but my body just isn’t going to be that of when I was young.

– The fact that I just feel shit-house really!  Clothes are a little tighter in places that they never were and just feeling blah.

– The cooler weather is not helping the situation really either.  And the fact that I can’t exercise after I eat, which means no walking after dinner alone (plus I am scared of walking the streets in the dark by myself).

So treadmill it is!!  It’s under my pergola, closed in from the elements but I am still able to get my fresh air and fit in exercise at any time of the day I can.  I also have a TV out there which means I can catch up on all my trash TV, yay!!  I have taken my measurements too but I will not be getting on the scales for a while.

How are you going to combat exercising in the colder weather, especially without a gym membership?

Bel x

(I have already used the treadmill a bit and have gone on a power walk, with somes running spurts with a couple of friends)


2 thoughts on “Breaking Point

  1. Hey Bel,
    I have found myself in a similar situation lately. And like you I have decided enough is enough. I have changed my diet – way less carbs and have started walking 6km daily with my dog. He is rather big and sort of scary looking and where I live is a pretty safe area so I feel safe walking from 5 – 6 ish. So far this is going well. I really recommend the celebrity slim cook book which has a lot of great healthy meals that are still satisfying. Even my boyfriends love them. Good luck with it. I think once you make the decision to change the rest will fall in place. Laura 🙂

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