Photography Tips

I am NO expert!  I have a DSLR, I know how to use it and I try to take nice pictures.  But some of you have asked for some of my tips.  Some will be lame, some you will make you nod, some you might even say aha to!  Join me if you will (posts will at least contain some pretty pictures).  They will not be in order either.

If you have a DSLR read your manual, and once you have done that, look at doing a short course which will show you how to use it properly without throwing it on auto all the time.  Initially I enrolled in a course at the CAE in Melbourne.  I did a Basic Digital SLR course and then later a Portrait Photography course.  I also went to Angie Baxter’s ‘Love Your Camera Workshop’, she is all types of awesome and really down to earth.  A good mix of practical and theory, in a beautiful and safe environment.  She travels the country and has been running the workshops for a while, so it is  definitely worth it (I think I asked for it as a birthday present).

I was also really lucky to attend Meaghan Cook’s first ever workshop, I learnt a lot with her, you can read about it on my really old blog (Meaghan also photographed my wedding a few weeks back, I love her, she is amazing, awesome and an all round great chick!).  And then I won my first ever competition, which was a mentoring session with the child photographer Chrissy Torney who is also a teacher like me!  We chatted and drank coffee (hot chocolate) for hours and then she showed me how she worked and let me have a go too.  She taught me so much about backlighting, she is amazing at it!

So I guess my number one tip is, learn how to use your camera without setting it to manual.  It’s hard work, it takes practise, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be second nature and you’ll notice the difference!

Is there anything else you would like me to focus on for my next tip?

Bel x


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