Save me!

This is what happens when we head away for a weekend….

Mt Washmore!! Despite our fun, relaxing and much needed weekend away, I’m now left to pick up the pieces (or do the bloody washing more like it!). I’m trapped currently at the bottom of Mt Washmore, I’m slowly scrambling my way to the top.

I’ve lit the fire, it’s a crappy day outside. I have an hour to get this pile put away and more loads hung before I pick Phoebe up for kinder.

How’s your day shaping up?
Bel x

Grey Clouds

I haven’t been here since last week, my mind is filled with thoughts swirling, all muddled up, my brain feels full of cotton wool!

I knew after the wedding, there would be a big sigh of relief, that all the organizing was over and done with, and that the day was as great as we wanted.  I also knew that after the sigh of relief, there would be calm and then I would would get bored.  Who am I kidding?  I love to organize!

Hubby and I on our wedding day!  Photo taken by Meghan Cook

I have thrown myself into organizing, anything really!  Our girls weekend (which reminds me, must get onto the Day Spa and the girls to organize treatments).  Looking at houses, a rental, which then turned into maybe a house for us, then, now, we don’t even know what we are doing!!  Our Familymoon is soon too, not much to organize there, except of course the packing and the mind preparation for myself in order to travel with limited panic attacks!  Plus other bits and pieces which I won’t mention.

So you can see, my mind is all over the place really (I think this post is almost them same).  I kind of feel like the Adam’s Family House, you know, the one with the big grey cloud hanging over it?  I know that it will float away soon, I know that I am going to have to take charge, reorganize and take control over my thoughts.  All is good, or will be.

So If I am not here regularly like I normally am, it’s probably because my mind is still swirling and I have forgotten temporarily about my place here.

What’s going on in your world?  Are you thoughts swirling like mine, or is your mind clear?

Bel x

Polka Dots

On Friday we are heading out for the day to catch up with some friends in the nice country air.  It should be a great day!  But it meant that the craft I planned for Phoebe and I to do then, I bought forward to today.  The kid loves painting, always has.  We haven’t done it in a while at home, she seems to do it alot at kinder.  I originally posted this idea on my ‘Kids Craft’ board over on Pinterest, but you can find it here (but it is in another language!).

A few cotton buds and some finger paint, and a tree trunk that I sketched onto a piece of paper, was all that was needed for todays bit of fun!  A colourful polka-dot tree!

What did you get up to today?

Bel x

Tidbit Tuesday

Tuesdays, where you find out ‘stuff’ about me.

1.  I don’t like to compete.  I never have.  At school I always used to find ways of getting out of Athletics days or swimming days, anything where I would have to compete.  It’s not the fear of loosing or anything like that, I think that it is just because I know people have their own strengths and weaknesses.

2.  My Dad lives far away now (well a three hour drive).  It has it benefits, as it means a little holiday here and there to visit and we get to Skype a lot too, which Phoebe loves.  But sometimes I just miss him being around.  Can you tell I was Daddy’s girl?

Bel x

Dinosaurs and Teepees

I’m trying to have some real fun with Phoebe on Fridays, you know, instead of the mundane like going up the street, cleaning the house.  Soon, I will be looking after my nephew Fynn on my days off, so I want to have things set up for Phoebe and I to still have great fun together so she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on ‘Mum’ time.

This afternoon, we spent it outside.  Yes the days are getting much cooler, but when the sun is shining, like today, we try to get out.  I bought these eggs from Kmart today, which I was actually going to make myself, I have a recipe, but I couldn’t pass these up for a measley $1 each.

We started work on it together, chipping away at the clay, hoping to find our dinosaur inside.  After Phoebe knew what she was doing, I pulled washing off the line above the table she was sitting at and hung out another.  I stopped every now and again to help her out.  We made a good start, but it is hard work, so we will chip away again tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, our backyard resemebled a jungle.  It was lush and green with plants aplenty, but seriously, Phoebe and her friends were struggling to find the play gym, let along get onto it.  We hired a skip (actually three in the end) and cut back everything (and by we, I mean Hubby).  Granted, we may have gone a little overboard, but with winter coming up, I am sure they will be back to their huge sizes in no time.  But today, it meant Phoebe and I could use some of the bigger off cuts and make a tee-pee!

Hopefully the blue skies stick around for a while longer.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air, even if it just was in the backyard!

Enjoy your weekend!!  What are your plans?

Bel x

Cleaning made simple!

So, I was doing my daily Blog reading and catch ups Monday morning, when I read something that stuck in my head but now I can’t remember where grrrrr I saw it!  Anyway, basically it was all about cleaning and keeping on top of your housework and what not.  The comment was something along the lines of “if it takes less than a minute, do it right away”.  Ah—maze—ing is all I can really say!  Because I work part-time, when I am home, I either blitz the housework in a super frenzy or really put my feet up, there is usually no inbetween, which ultimately means it all banks up.  So after I read this, I thought I would apply it and see what happened.

Pinned Image

 Image from Pinterest

Last night when I got home from work a bit earlier than I normally would but also plus one kid, (my little sister is sick, so I went and grabbed my newphew to give her a break), I started with the ‘under one minute rule’.  Phoebe’s shoes away, oh lookey there’s a cup, whack it in the dishwasher.  Throw a load of washing on.  Crap, I didn’t make the bed, hubby hates that, that’ll take me less than a minute, off I go.  And so I continued on around the house, I was on a roll really.  By the time I sat down (and not in the normal exhausted way) I’d bought in four loads of washing, folded them AND put them away (it all started with one pile at time), put another two loads on and hung them out, cleaned the kitchen top to toe, AND I even dusted, including the bloody window sills!  My housework is nearly all done, which means tomorrow, when I have the day off, I actually really now have the day off!

I know it’s probably all mind trickery, and it’s so friggin simple, but if I do this every day, and Phoebe and hubby join in, I wont get myself into a flap anymore (ok, we know I will, but maybe only when I am PMSing).  So try it, try the new rule, let me know how it works for you!

Bel x

Tidbit Tuesday

Tuesdays, where you find out ‘stuff’ about me!

1.  I have suffered with severe migraines since I was twelve years old.  I still get them now, they hurt, I sometimes cry (sometimes for my Mum), I sometimes loose my vision temporarily or feel numb in my body, I use tiger balm on my temples, I take my tablets and hid away in my dark room.  They usually last three days, sometimes longer.  And sometimes I just have to drag myself out of bed to get stuff done!  People always ask me how I do it?  When you have had them as long as I have, sometimes you just need to get on with things and rest later for a bit longer.

2.  Chocolate is my poison.  I cannot help myself.  If it is around, I will have it, if it isn’t I’ll crave it (sometimes bad enough to walk to the shops, but hey, I’ve worked off a bit of it by the time I get there, right??).  Lindt chocolate balls melt in my mouth, make my tongue dance and seem to make me “mmmmm” out loud when I eat them.

Bel x

Easy snack idea

If you know me, you would know I’m rarely the cook in this household of mine.  I bake, but don’t cook so much.  Hubby is awesome at cooking and he loves it, so you know what, he can have it.  So when I stumbled across a recipe the other day for Chocolate Chip Coconut Bread, it just sounded too delicious to pass up.  Head over and see Naomi at Seven Cherubs to get the recipe, it’s hers.  Naomi is a mum to seven cherubs, as her Blog title hints.  Seven children in nine years!!

The before!

It was so quick to whip up, in fact Phoebe and I did it at 8am this morning before dropping her to kinder at 9am.  It seriously took about 10 minutes to make and then an hour to bake and make my whole house smell of yumminess!

Oh yeah, the after!

So pop over and grab the recipe!  And if you drop over to my place, don’t be suprised if this is your morning or afternoon tea.  Thanks Naomi!

Bel x

Mad Mummas

Phoebe is at an age now where I have passed some of the hard stages, you know the ones… the sleepless nights and eyes that feel like they are on fire at all hours of the day.  Crying that can last for hours, until of course hubby arrives home and then she acts like the perfect angel.  Making the hard decisions, like realising breastfeeding just isn’t working for me, which then in turn increased my panic attacks by ten fold and having to put her on the bottle.  Trying to figure out why the heck this little baby is so distressed this time, is it teething or is it something else?  And where the fuck did the instruction manual go for this little one?  Lost in transit perhaps?

Being a parent, being a Mum is a bloody hard gig!  Don’t get me wrong, there are so many rosie days along the way, the ones where you look down at your little one, sigh with pride and bursting love, finding it hard to believe she is actually here and no less, yours!  But there are the dark days, the hard ones, the ones where you are at your wits end and just don’t know what the hell to do anymore!  Everyone has these bad days, but some are relentless and much much worse.

I’m sure many of you know someone or have even experienced Postnatal Depression yourself.  According to PANDA “More than 15% of women and 10% of men develop postnatal depression”.  I myself did not suffer from PND (but was always accutely aware due to my panic attacks), but many friends now have.  I am no expert at all on the matter, but strongly believe women need to supprt eachother and take away any stigma that is attached to having PND.  

The reason for this post is a simple one, I know many women who have had PND and have had it effect their lives and that of their families in very different ways.  Two of my friends are in training to complete The Age Run Melbourne, which is a 10km run.  They will be donating all money they raise to their chosen charity which is PANDA  Head on over to their page Mad Mummas and give as much or as little as you can for a great cause!!

The girls have been dragging me alone with them on their Monday training, I’m having a great time, even though they are way ahead of me!  You’ll be great girls, keep up the good work for such a great cause!

Bel x

Tidbit Tuesday

Tuesdays, where you find out ‘stuff’ about me!

1.  I have one sister.  She is younger than I.  We used to fight like cat and dog when we were younger, but now we are great friends.  She is super stylish and funky, I envy how she dresses.  She is confident in some ways that I am not.  I hate that she eats like and pig and whatever she wants and never puts on a single gram of weight, and she hates when people comment about her weight.  She is a pretty awesome person to have around (I hope she doesn’t get a big head).

2.  Hubby and I have been together for twelve years and have only just gotten married.  I knew him before we met, my best friend was going out with one of his best mates (they are married now too).  We had our first pash at a nightclub and the rest as they say is history.