Tidbit Tuesday

Tuesdays, where you get to find out ‘stuff’ about me.

1.  I don’t eat fruit.  Nope no fruit, not of any kind.  So don’t ask me, what not even a banana?  Not even watermelon?  Not even strawberries?  NO FRUIT.  It’s not that I don’t want to, I can’t.  It’s a texture thing.  I even been hypnotized to try and help.  If you think you know how to fix this, let me know.

2.  I don’t wear slippers, not even on the coldest of nights.  I won’t even wear socks instead. If it’s winter, you will still find me barefoot, yes, even on my cold floor boards!

Bel x


6 thoughts on “Tidbit Tuesday

  1. I never realized how much we had in common. Hate red, never have anything on my feet (even if my feet r freezing cold), don’t eat fruit either (but for different reasons) & don’t like coffee (not that I have ever tried it). 🙂

  2. Oh Bel I’m gutted. Ashton (my eldest) won’t eat fruit or veg – except a little mashed potato. He hates the texture. I’ve recently been in contact with a hypnotherapist who said she may be able to help!!! Now I’m wondering if it’s worth the $100 per session, considering she said we could need a few!!!!! Loving your blog 🙂

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