Everyone has a picture in their head of what other people are like.  I often read other mummy blogs and photographers blogs around the place, and marvel at them.  Wow, they do so much with their kids, look at that crafty activity, baking mmmm baking, another cool outing!  And so I begin creating a picture, usually of this awesome Mum who spends so much quality time with her kids, doing amazing things with them and savouring the moments.

We love playing outdoors.  We do it all the time (but the secret is, I also manage to hang out the washing, yep, you heard it here).

It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend once about this did I realize that my picture is probably way off.  Considering she thought that I was one of those Mums!!  She honestly thought my day consisted of activity after activity with Phoebe.  Ummmmm no!

Phoebe loves painting, she’d do it all the time if she could.

I’ll be completely honest, my days at home are not like that at all!  I work three days a week and unfortunately my household doesn’t run itself (as much as I wish it would).  By the time I do all the ‘stuff’ that has to be done, it’s maybe mid-morning/lunchtime.  We visit friends and then before I know it, it’s usually nap time (yes Phoebe is three and a half and still has a nap).

Oh yay, an outing with and a cute lil pony to boot.

Don’t get me wrong, I do plan activities sometimes to do with Phoebe (I have a really cool one that I want to do this week with her), but in the scheme of things, it’s probably only an hour out of my day.  It’s what you do with the other ‘moments’ that count I think.  And maybe because I am a teacher, this comes easier to me.

 Our Easter activity, dying eggs.

In teaching we talk a lot about how every moment can be a ‘teachable’ one.  You can use this in your home, you don’t necessarily need ‘activities’.  For instance, for some unknown reason to me, Phoebe is quite upset when it rains at the moment.  So we have been talking a lot about the weather, how rain is made, the seasons and what is good about each of them.  We go out and watch the clouds, check the weather forecast, and guess what the temperture might be today.  Now, I haven’t done an ‘activity’ but we are learning, we are talking and exploring together.  This week I plan on buying a rain gauge that we can look at and record rainfall.  We are going to replant her planter box with more carrots.  I wouldn’t consider these to be activities though, to me, these are everyday moments in our life.

What?  Another outing?  Exploring the rock pools at our caravan (the permanent one).

The reason I wrote this long winded post is that hopefully people will start looking at what they do with their kids, and realize how much they actually do do and how much their kids are getting out of them!!  Mum’s have a lot on their plates, it’s the biggest job in the world.  If you fit in an activity too, well done, but if not, I’m sure you spent time with your child anyway.  And sometimes the pictures you create in your head about other people are a bit off.

So let me know, what’s one thing you did today with your child, activity or not?

Bel x


5 thoughts on “Misconceptions

  1. nice post bel, i worked today but ducked out early to grab my girls and went for hot chocolate as a family before amelia and i rode around the house on pretend horses singing the mike the knight themesong – a favourite at our place at the moment. yesterday though we did make treasure maps, hide treasure and pretend to go sailing in our home-made pirate ship 🙂

  2. Activity-made mothers day cards for the nanas. Non-activity- watched Tinkerbell and talked about the characters, feelings, plot etc. books and movies are so good for the kids to learn about the world and people around them! And a great opportunity for a cuddle too!

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