Photography Tips – Mindful and Inspired

There are moments where I just ‘point and shoot’ and then there are moments where I really sit back and think about a shot and what I want it to look like. Try to start being more mindful when taking your photos. Look at the background, make sure there isn’t anything in it that will be distracting like a bin or a light pole. Then position your subject, look at them, make sure nothing from the background is sticking out of their head or anything like that that is going to make the end product ‘weird’ looking, like a branch.

My little super-hero. In this photo, I wish I had decluttered the bedside table a bit, and maybe moved so the you could see the whole wall picture or none at all.

Seek inspiration too, even if you are not a photographer and never want to be one, you just want to take nice photos of your kids, there are so many beautiful images around to get you inspired. Check out Jinky Art, Barb Uil’s images are captivating. You can escape to a whole other world just by looking at one of her photographs. I visit her Blog often, great ideas (some out of reach for a mummy) but even just to brighten my day. Pinterest is also a good one to get ideas from. Set up a fun mini-photo shoot with your kids once in a while and see how your images turn out.

Let me know what you think of Jinky’s work, are you a big fan like me? Who else or where else do you seek your inspiration? Do you always point and shoot?

Bel x


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