Mad Mummas

Phoebe is at an age now where I have passed some of the hard stages, you know the ones… the sleepless nights and eyes that feel like they are on fire at all hours of the day.  Crying that can last for hours, until of course hubby arrives home and then she acts like the perfect angel.  Making the hard decisions, like realising breastfeeding just isn’t working for me, which then in turn increased my panic attacks by ten fold and having to put her on the bottle.  Trying to figure out why the heck this little baby is so distressed this time, is it teething or is it something else?  And where the fuck did the instruction manual go for this little one?  Lost in transit perhaps?

Being a parent, being a Mum is a bloody hard gig!  Don’t get me wrong, there are so many rosie days along the way, the ones where you look down at your little one, sigh with pride and bursting love, finding it hard to believe she is actually here and no less, yours!  But there are the dark days, the hard ones, the ones where you are at your wits end and just don’t know what the hell to do anymore!  Everyone has these bad days, but some are relentless and much much worse.

I’m sure many of you know someone or have even experienced Postnatal Depression yourself.  According to PANDA “More than 15% of women and 10% of men develop postnatal depression”.  I myself did not suffer from PND (but was always accutely aware due to my panic attacks), but many friends now have.  I am no expert at all on the matter, but strongly believe women need to supprt eachother and take away any stigma that is attached to having PND.  

The reason for this post is a simple one, I know many women who have had PND and have had it effect their lives and that of their families in very different ways.  Two of my friends are in training to complete The Age Run Melbourne, which is a 10km run.  They will be donating all money they raise to their chosen charity which is PANDA  Head on over to their page Mad Mummas and give as much or as little as you can for a great cause!!

The girls have been dragging me alone with them on their Monday training, I’m having a great time, even though they are way ahead of me!  You’ll be great girls, keep up the good work for such a great cause!

Bel x


2 thoughts on “Mad Mummas

  1. Been there Bel and anyone reading blog! Suffered terribly with PND, even wanted to end my own life, on more than one occasion! Heart breaking and life altering! Pretty much still keep to myself about it and can’t make new friends, still pull back stay to myself! Go girls support you all the way

    • Lorraine, you are stronger than you know! And a great friend to many already! You will open up when the time is right, not a minute before or after. Thanks for sharing!

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