Easy snack idea

If you know me, you would know I’m rarely the cook in this household of mine.  I bake, but don’t cook so much.  Hubby is awesome at cooking and he loves it, so you know what, he can have it.  So when I stumbled across a recipe the other day for Chocolate Chip Coconut Bread, it just sounded too delicious to pass up.  Head over and see Naomi at Seven Cherubs to get the recipe, it’s hers.  Naomi is a mum to seven cherubs, as her Blog title hints.  Seven children in nine years!!

The before!

It was so quick to whip up, in fact Phoebe and I did it at 8am this morning before dropping her to kinder at 9am.  It seriously took about 10 minutes to make and then an hour to bake and make my whole house smell of yumminess!

Oh yeah, the after!

So pop over and grab the recipe!  And if you drop over to my place, don’t be suprised if this is your morning or afternoon tea.  Thanks Naomi!

Bel x


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