Cleaning made simple!

So, I was doing my daily Blog reading and catch ups Monday morning, when I read something that stuck in my head but now I can’t remember where grrrrr I saw it!  Anyway, basically it was all about cleaning and keeping on top of your housework and what not.  The comment was something along the lines of “if it takes less than a minute, do it right away”.  Ah—maze—ing is all I can really say!  Because I work part-time, when I am home, I either blitz the housework in a super frenzy or really put my feet up, there is usually no inbetween, which ultimately means it all banks up.  So after I read this, I thought I would apply it and see what happened.

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Last night when I got home from work a bit earlier than I normally would but also plus one kid, (my little sister is sick, so I went and grabbed my newphew to give her a break), I started with the ‘under one minute rule’.  Phoebe’s shoes away, oh lookey there’s a cup, whack it in the dishwasher.  Throw a load of washing on.  Crap, I didn’t make the bed, hubby hates that, that’ll take me less than a minute, off I go.  And so I continued on around the house, I was on a roll really.  By the time I sat down (and not in the normal exhausted way) I’d bought in four loads of washing, folded them AND put them away (it all started with one pile at time), put another two loads on and hung them out, cleaned the kitchen top to toe, AND I even dusted, including the bloody window sills!  My housework is nearly all done, which means tomorrow, when I have the day off, I actually really now have the day off!

I know it’s probably all mind trickery, and it’s so friggin simple, but if I do this every day, and Phoebe and hubby join in, I wont get myself into a flap anymore (ok, we know I will, but maybe only when I am PMSing).  So try it, try the new rule, let me know how it works for you!

Bel x


3 thoughts on “Cleaning made simple!

  1. Love this idea! Will be applying it to our house, and getting my husband on board too!

    On if my favorite housework, actually life, sayings/rule is “don’t put it down. Put it away!” in other words, don’t handle it twice!!

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