Grey Clouds

I haven’t been here since last week, my mind is filled with thoughts swirling, all muddled up, my brain feels full of cotton wool!

I knew after the wedding, there would be a big sigh of relief, that all the organizing was over and done with, and that the day was as great as we wanted.  I also knew that after the sigh of relief, there would be calm and then I would would get bored.  Who am I kidding?  I love to organize!

Hubby and I on our wedding day!  Photo taken by Meghan Cook

I have thrown myself into organizing, anything really!  Our girls weekend (which reminds me, must get onto the Day Spa and the girls to organize treatments).  Looking at houses, a rental, which then turned into maybe a house for us, then, now, we don’t even know what we are doing!!  Our Familymoon is soon too, not much to organize there, except of course the packing and the mind preparation for myself in order to travel with limited panic attacks!  Plus other bits and pieces which I won’t mention.

So you can see, my mind is all over the place really (I think this post is almost them same).  I kind of feel like the Adam’s Family House, you know, the one with the big grey cloud hanging over it?  I know that it will float away soon, I know that I am going to have to take charge, reorganize and take control over my thoughts.  All is good, or will be.

So If I am not here regularly like I normally am, it’s probably because my mind is still swirling and I have forgotten temporarily about my place here.

What’s going on in your world?  Are you thoughts swirling like mine, or is your mind clear?

Bel x


4 thoughts on “Grey Clouds

  1. A little ‘swirly’ here too. Thinking about selling up house and travelling/working Australia for a year give or take then either finding somewhere we like to settle for a while or heading back this way. Just can’t seem to get ahead at the moment and it would mean our family can be together all week! Lots to consider and a big risk to take. Quite scary actually lol

    Hope your grey cloud disappears soon and leaves you with a clear head! I like having an event/holiday to look forward to/plan…keeps me sane! Good luck x

    • That sounds fab Andrea!! I think if any family could pull it off, you could! But as you say, lots to think about and a risk, but a great one that could pay off big time!

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