Sugar, Soft Drink and Tea

Last week I downloaded and started reading Sarah Wilson’s, ‘I Quit Sugar’ e-book which was prompted by chatting to a friend who decided to give up soft drink after relying on it a little too much. Which got me to thinking about how much of it I actually drink too.  The book was an easy read and an interesting one too.  But if anyone knows me, it’s pretty possible that I will never be quitting sugar completely!!  I’m starting off small, early last week, I gave up soft drink and have since only had two glasses of zero (the first one I enjoyed at the movies, the second I thought I needed with Mexican, but the enjoyment level was not so much!).

I’ve also eliminated any fruit juices, so all I have really been drinking is in fact water and a milk in the morning with my breakfast.  Suprisngly, I’m finding it easier than I thought.  But now, as I try to tackle my next, biggest hurdle of cutting right down (to almost no) chocolate, I need another vice!!  In the book, Sarah talks about tea drinking and how it helped her through the really hard stages.  So I’m on to it.

I am a plain jane kinda girl, I’ve only really ever had normal tea, with a dash of milk and some sugar (which I’ll also cut out).  So last night I put out the call on Facebook, what tea do people recommend I try.  Wowee!!  The response, I never knew there were that many avid tea drinkers out there.  And then they put me on to T2!  Woow Baby!!  Not sure whether to thank them yet for this or not!  I’m a little overwhelmed by how much is out there, and then all the pretty tea pots, which of course I must have!  Today though, I will venture to the supermarket and try some of the ones that were recommended by friends, once I decide if I like, looks like a shopping trip for the good stuff!

Have you given up something?  And if so, did you replace it with anything?

Bel x



No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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