Girls just wanna have fun

Two weekends ago, it was our boys mid-year Golf trip, which us ladies are invited to (lucky us yeah!).  So we headed off to Melbourne for a night kid free.  We enjoyed pre-dinner drinks and then headed for dinner with everyone, even had a boogie afterwards.  Lost, but did not find any money at the Casino and then headed back to our hotel in the wee hours.

In the morning, the boys headed off for Golf, while us ladies had the day to ourselves.  It was nothing exciting, but I tell you, it was one of the best days I’ve had in a while.  No clock watching, lingering lunch, strolling through the city streets and shops.  And if you are me, pretending like you are someone you are not, that you belong here in this amazing city.  The weather even held off for most of the day, blue skies and fluffy white clouds…..until of course we walked out of Myer and it to what seemed to be a different world, people scrambling with umbrellas as the grey descended upon the city.


We chatted, we laughed, shared stories and maybe even a secret or too.  Did a spot of people watching, which I love!  We didn’t once have to answer to “Mum”, which in itself can be quite liberating.  We sat at the Lindt Cafe (which I didn’t even know existed – how the HELL did that happen??) and indulged ourselves.

Before we knew it, the boys were ringing us, wondering where we were and if we were ever going to pick them up (this NEVER happens!).  And although our day consisted of nothing spectacular, it actually was!

Above is a terrible photo of some of the girls, all of us on our Iphones trying to work out how to get to where the boys were.  This was also the point where there was lack of communication when I said “Meet me out the back girls so I can follow someone” as my Iphone map wasn’t working.  After more than 5 minutes waiting in my parked car, I realised something was amiss, rang my bestie who informed me they were well on their way.  Initiate *freak the fuck out* on my behalf, as I hate city driving, didn’t know where I was let alone where I was going and had no friggin map.  *Calm* ensures when I realise Nav-bitch is in the car, followed by another *freak the fuck out* because stupid Nav-bitch wont connect to satillite.  Back on the phone to bestie who starts giving me directions, she obviously forgot I’m a visual learner and none of it made sense!  Nav-bitch finally clicked in, got me there safe and the bonus ……. I didn’t have a panic attack AND it was a good/funny story to tell (I guess!).

Bel x


No, seriously, I love hearing your comments!

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