Life Changes

I mentioned briefly in another Post that I am now looking after my nephew on my day’s off while my sister goes back to work.  It’s meant that things have changed around here for me and for Phoebe.  For instance, our Friday mornings used to consist of a sleep in, a leisurley breakfast in bed, sometimes often followed by a day in our pj’s or visiting friends.  The sleep ins are gone, and yes, of course I will miss them.  But  I think having little Fynn around has made me more organised around the house.

For instance, the boy is now on the move, not full on crawling yet, but the commando type.  When I had Phoebe, we had a carpeted house, now we have floor boards all bar the bedrooms.  They get messy quick.  So now when Fynn comes over, I get up at my normal work time, I sweep the floors and make sure Phoebe hasn’t left any little bits and pieces around (like babrie tiaras, lip gloss lids and dress up earrings) and whack on a load of washing.  While the kids are eating breakfast, I dust, tidy and make beds.  And when he naps in the morning, I hang out and bring in washing.

I feel like I accomplish a lot.  I don’t have the chance to be lazy, which sometimes, I choose to do, every Mum needs a break occasionally lets face it!  I’m sure there will be days and weeks where the novalty completely wears off and I get nothing at all done.  But for now, I am enjoying being busy, having a clean and tidy house.

Bel x

Dear Melbourne

Dear Melbourne,

I know you get somewhat confused as to what Season it is and what your day should look like, you have a tendency to sometimes even cram them all into one day.  But if you keep up the last few Winter days we have had, I think I will remain a happy girl.  Yes, it is still cold, but that is what Winter is known for, but your mornings have found me basking in the sun under blue skies, with tufts of white drifting overhead.  I have been getting out with the kids (I look after my nephew now on my days off), playing in the backyard or walking to the park.  I even find myself getting out with less whinging to hang the washing out and bring it in!

I don’t mind that you get a little gloomy in the afternoon, as long as the kids at school can go out for their lunch break and run around, I’m happy!  Us teachers know that they get a little crazy if they don’t!  Rain all you want after that!  It means I can get home, have a hot shower and jump in my pj’s early, and relax on the couch, all without feeling guilty!

Yes I am looking forward to the end of Winter like most other people, for warmer weather.  But right now, I’m happy with the days we’ve had.  Are you?

Bel x

What kind of friend are YOU?

Something a little different for Tidbit Tuesday!  I’ve been pondering different kinds of friends, and what they are like, there are so many different types out there and I’m sure you have at least one of each (the ones that call, the ones that don’t, the ones that care, the ones that compete, the kind that use you, the ones that keep secrets, or exclude you and the ones that would do anything for you).  

So this is what kind of friend I think I am (others may see me differently).  This is not a poor me post either, it’s what I think of myself.  I wonder if you can be as honest to yourself about what type of friend you are?

I am the type of friend:

  • who organizes the catch ups, the weekends away, the dinners.  I am the planner and I like to do it.  I wonder though, does it annoy people that I am always the planner, or do people just expect it of me now?
  • that texts you out of the blue, to see how you are, see what you have been up to.  If you had an appointment I knew about, I’ll see how that went or if you’ve been feeling unwell, I’ll see if you are ok.
  • that if I am talking about you to someone else, I’m not bitching, its usually because I am worried about you and am trying to find a way to make sure you are ok, or if there is something I can do.
  • that for some reason, sometimes when I introduce one friend to another, they end up good buddies, and me, well, I’m left behind (usually wondering what they hell I did wrong!).
  • that gets upset if I find out someone has said something nasty or harsh about me behind my back.  I wish I could call you on it, but I’m not like that.  I wish I had thicker skin, but I don’t.
  • that forgives, but I never forgets and it doesn’t mean I won’t carry the hurt around with me either.
  • that has sucked being a friend since Phoebe was born.  I don’t visit people as much as I would like.  We’re a busy family, we go away a lot and make the most of the time we have together.  But it means I don’t hang out with my friends, or drop in for coffee as much as I would like.
  • who is terrible at answering the phone!  I usually have it on silent, or I just don’t hear it (my Mum and sister hate this, but now they accept it).  Text me and I’m on it though!
  • who is trying to make more of an effort to ‘call’ friends occasionally rather than text. When was the last time you actually spoke to a friend on the phone??
  • who is reliable!  If I say I’ll be there, I will be, and ten minutes early too!!  If I cancel, you know it’s because of something big (like me having a migraine or something to that effect).
  • who rarely cancels!
  • who often feels out of the loop, like I don’t have a solid friendship group.  I think I even felt a bit like this in High School too, I was a drifter between many groups, but never really slotted cleanly into one.
  • won’t let a friendship go, even if you don’t put in as much as I do…. I’ll keep messaging, emailing, calling, arranging catchups, hear that you have bitched about me and I’ll feel sick about it too, but I won’t call it quits.  Instead I’ll wait for the day where you have the guts to say it to my face and we can either sort it out, or move on.
  • that sees the best in people (I guess you can see that in the above comment).  There’s a saying about the mean ones are usually the ones that need the most love, or something to that effect.  I guess I stand by that.

I could keep writing forever, I honestly could, but I suppose these are the standouts to me.  The positives and the negatives.  So, c’mon, fess up!  What type of friend do you think you are?  I hope anyone who reads will comment xx

Bel x

The Sun

When I was packing for our Familymoon, I made a big decision to not take my DSLR.  Instead, I took my point and shoot, knowing that Hubby could use it too and that I would actually be in some photos, rather than always being immersed in taking them myself.  I don’t regret it, it meant I enjoyed every minute of our holiday with my own eyes but I will take it next time, it’s too beautiful not to!

Hamilton Island was just what we need for our break.  Warmth, lots to do or nothing to do if we wanted, and eachother.  I eventually hope to make a little film of our holiday, but I have lots of other things on my mind at the moment, but I’ll get there.

So our holiday……the best thing we did was a helicopter ride to Whitehaven Beach (yes I was shitting myself for those of you who know me well!  But once I was on, I was suprisingly fine).  But it was awesome!  It was a fifteen minute ride there, and once there, our pilot set up a beautiful picnic complete with champagne for us and juice for Phoebe.  We played along the almost deserted beach for over an hour before heading back.  This I will remember always!

 The three of us, all ready to go, complete with our life jackets around our waist.

Coming into land at Whitehaven Beach.  To the left, I saw a sea turtle swimming around.

 Phoebe loved the head mic and being able to talk to us.

My beautiful family!

More to come!

Bel x