The Sun

When I was packing for our Familymoon, I made a big decision to not take my DSLR.  Instead, I took my point and shoot, knowing that Hubby could use it too and that I would actually be in some photos, rather than always being immersed in taking them myself.  I don’t regret it, it meant I enjoyed every minute of our holiday with my own eyes but I will take it next time, it’s too beautiful not to!

Hamilton Island was just what we need for our break.  Warmth, lots to do or nothing to do if we wanted, and eachother.  I eventually hope to make a little film of our holiday, but I have lots of other things on my mind at the moment, but I’ll get there.

So our holiday……the best thing we did was a helicopter ride to Whitehaven Beach (yes I was shitting myself for those of you who know me well!  But once I was on, I was suprisingly fine).  But it was awesome!  It was a fifteen minute ride there, and once there, our pilot set up a beautiful picnic complete with champagne for us and juice for Phoebe.  We played along the almost deserted beach for over an hour before heading back.  This I will remember always!

 The three of us, all ready to go, complete with our life jackets around our waist.

Coming into land at Whitehaven Beach.  To the left, I saw a sea turtle swimming around.

 Phoebe loved the head mic and being able to talk to us.

My beautiful family!

More to come!

Bel x


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