What kind of friend are YOU?

Something a little different for Tidbit Tuesday!  I’ve been pondering different kinds of friends, and what they are like, there are so many different types out there and I’m sure you have at least one of each (the ones that call, the ones that don’t, the ones that care, the ones that compete, the kind that use you, the ones that keep secrets, or exclude you and the ones that would do anything for you).  

So this is what kind of friend I think I am (others may see me differently).  This is not a poor me post either, it’s what I think of myself.  I wonder if you can be as honest to yourself about what type of friend you are?

I am the type of friend:

  • who organizes the catch ups, the weekends away, the dinners.  I am the planner and I like to do it.  I wonder though, does it annoy people that I am always the planner, or do people just expect it of me now?
  • that texts you out of the blue, to see how you are, see what you have been up to.  If you had an appointment I knew about, I’ll see how that went or if you’ve been feeling unwell, I’ll see if you are ok.
  • that if I am talking about you to someone else, I’m not bitching, its usually because I am worried about you and am trying to find a way to make sure you are ok, or if there is something I can do.
  • that for some reason, sometimes when I introduce one friend to another, they end up good buddies, and me, well, I’m left behind (usually wondering what they hell I did wrong!).
  • that gets upset if I find out someone has said something nasty or harsh about me behind my back.  I wish I could call you on it, but I’m not like that.  I wish I had thicker skin, but I don’t.
  • that forgives, but I never forgets and it doesn’t mean I won’t carry the hurt around with me either.
  • that has sucked being a friend since Phoebe was born.  I don’t visit people as much as I would like.  We’re a busy family, we go away a lot and make the most of the time we have together.  But it means I don’t hang out with my friends, or drop in for coffee as much as I would like.
  • who is terrible at answering the phone!  I usually have it on silent, or I just don’t hear it (my Mum and sister hate this, but now they accept it).  Text me and I’m on it though!
  • who is trying to make more of an effort to ‘call’ friends occasionally rather than text. When was the last time you actually spoke to a friend on the phone??
  • who is reliable!  If I say I’ll be there, I will be, and ten minutes early too!!  If I cancel, you know it’s because of something big (like me having a migraine or something to that effect).
  • who rarely cancels!
  • who often feels out of the loop, like I don’t have a solid friendship group.  I think I even felt a bit like this in High School too, I was a drifter between many groups, but never really slotted cleanly into one.
  • won’t let a friendship go, even if you don’t put in as much as I do…. I’ll keep messaging, emailing, calling, arranging catchups, hear that you have bitched about me and I’ll feel sick about it too, but I won’t call it quits.  Instead I’ll wait for the day where you have the guts to say it to my face and we can either sort it out, or move on.
  • that sees the best in people (I guess you can see that in the above comment).  There’s a saying about the mean ones are usually the ones that need the most love, or something to that effect.  I guess I stand by that.

I could keep writing forever, I honestly could, but I suppose these are the standouts to me.  The positives and the negatives.  So, c’mon, fess up!  What type of friend do you think you are?  I hope anyone who reads will comment xx

Bel x


8 thoughts on “What kind of friend are YOU?

  1. hey bel, i like this post loads & it reminds me we need to catch up!! – i also feel like i drift and have drifted between friends..i think thats sometimes because they offer us different things at different times in our day to day life and i have to say i think guys sometimes make a better buddy. (p.s also a planner and organiser and i ponder the same stuff!!)

  2. Some of my friends are the ones I see every day or I don’t speak to for months. They are the ones I can go to if I am dressed in my PJ’s and without any warning. I just rock up unannounced and it’s like we saw each other the night before. They are the ones I trust with my life and my family – its reciprocal.
    I tell my friends the truth and expect them to do the same for me. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me, as I know what is true and what isn’t.
    I wasn’t always like that though- it’s taken years of practise!

  3. I’m a lot of these things too Bel! Definately the planner, organiser..!! My skin is parchment thin so I dont take criticism well!

    I have friends I see every week and those I see once in a blue moon but I love them all. My biggest failing at the moment is that I dont WANT any new friends. That might seem crazy but I dont feel like I have enough time for the wonderful people in my life now, let alone making time for new ones. Might be a bit selfish and closed minded, but that’s me…at the moment 🙂

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