Dear Melbourne

Dear Melbourne,

I know you get somewhat confused as to what Season it is and what your day should look like, you have a tendency to sometimes even cram them all into one day.  But if you keep up the last few Winter days we have had, I think I will remain a happy girl.  Yes, it is still cold, but that is what Winter is known for, but your mornings have found me basking in the sun under blue skies, with tufts of white drifting overhead.  I have been getting out with the kids (I look after my nephew now on my days off), playing in the backyard or walking to the park.  I even find myself getting out with less whinging to hang the washing out and bring it in!

I don’t mind that you get a little gloomy in the afternoon, as long as the kids at school can go out for their lunch break and run around, I’m happy!  Us teachers know that they get a little crazy if they don’t!  Rain all you want after that!  It means I can get home, have a hot shower and jump in my pj’s early, and relax on the couch, all without feeling guilty!

Yes I am looking forward to the end of Winter like most other people, for warmer weather.  But right now, I’m happy with the days we’ve had.  Are you?

Bel x


One thought on “Dear Melbourne

  1. Nothing better than winter days with a blue sky and crisp air! Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin during the day and the toasty electric blanket and flannelette sheets at night!

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