Life Changes

I mentioned briefly in another Post that I am now looking after my nephew on my day’s off while my sister goes back to work.  It’s meant that things have changed around here for me and for Phoebe.  For instance, our Friday mornings used to consist of a sleep in, a leisurley breakfast in bed, sometimes often followed by a day in our pj’s or visiting friends.  The sleep ins are gone, and yes, of course I will miss them.  But  I think having little Fynn around has made me more organised around the house.

For instance, the boy is now on the move, not full on crawling yet, but the commando type.  When I had Phoebe, we had a carpeted house, now we have floor boards all bar the bedrooms.  They get messy quick.  So now when Fynn comes over, I get up at my normal work time, I sweep the floors and make sure Phoebe hasn’t left any little bits and pieces around (like babrie tiaras, lip gloss lids and dress up earrings) and whack on a load of washing.  While the kids are eating breakfast, I dust, tidy and make beds.  And when he naps in the morning, I hang out and bring in washing.

I feel like I accomplish a lot.  I don’t have the chance to be lazy, which sometimes, I choose to do, every Mum needs a break occasionally lets face it!  I’m sure there will be days and weeks where the novalty completely wears off and I get nothing at all done.  But for now, I am enjoying being busy, having a clean and tidy house.

Bel x


One thought on “Life Changes

  1. Glad my little man is having a positive effect on you! You’re doing a great job of looking after two littlies and keeping on top of all the housework too! xx

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