Am I being tight?

My husband at the moment thinks I am one big tight arse!  Now I’m starting to wonder if I possibly am.  This week sees Phoebe attend no less than about 7 birthday parties, mind you, this is not including her own.  The fact that I have to buy my baby girl a present and put on a little shindig for her, already means the budget is tight.  I am the present buyer in this house you see, and I think that hubby sometimes forgets that  I only work part-time.

So this year (ok month), I’m tryng something different.  I’m trawling the internet and pinning my heart out over at Pinerest, head over and see this board in particular.  Most the kids who I’ll be buying for have heaps of toys (compared to Phoebe who never really has had alot, she prefers her dolls, dress ups and playing in the  garden) and I’m really at a loss as to what get them, truly I am!  It’s not just about the money, although that is a factor, seriously what do I get some of these kids?

I’m going the homemade option this month, I want to see how it goes.  I’m trying to make things the kids will like and then pretty them up a bit.  I’m hoping some of the Mum’s give me honest feedback, if you think they are crap, please tell me, if you love the idea, tell me that too.

These are the gifts for Round One.  They are jars with homemade puff paint along with some instructions.  The kids paint their own picture on some card, then it gets microwaved for a few seconds and just like magic, the paint rises and creates texture.  I included some coloured paper in one, but for the second I changed my mind and added in some brushes instead.  Phoebe loves it and tested it out, so hopefully the other kids will too.

So what do you think?

Bel x


Girls Weekend

It has finally come around!! Our one weekend a year, where us Mum’s take off from home and down the highway as quick as you can say “Spa Treatment”.  Where cries of “Mum” are a distant memory and sleep ins are devoured.  Where you can have a long, hot soaking bath without having to share it with kids bath toys.  Where you can actually pour yourself a drink, cold or hot and actually finish it, because you don’t have to put it down to attend to someone else’s needs. Yes, this will be bliss!

Our girls weekend started 4 years ago now, after we got sick of the boys taking so many and wondering when the hell we would get our turn?  Last year we found our heaven at the Peninsula Hot Springs, and we will difinately be back there next year, and the year after and after. This year though, we have stayed closer to home, there are new babies who may need their Mumma’s or vice-versa at some stage.

So tonight, we head off for two nights of great company, relaxation and good times.  I’m hoping to take some pictures to share later (if the girls let me).

What are you up to this weekend?

Bel x


My little baby is growing up.  It has happened fast just like everyone tells you it will when your pregnant but don’t necessarily believe.  She’s four in a few weeks time.  Her hair is long, very long.  It touches her bum and she’s never had it cut (unless you count the time where her and her friend nearly shaved eachother’s heads, luckily we caught them in the act with only a few strands missing).  It’s a drama most mornings to brush, blood curdling screams, tears gallore, begging and a head that wont stop moving.

And so last weekend, she had her first hair cut.  Of course the photographer and Mummy in me wanted and needed to document it all.  Excuse some of the photos which may be grainy, I was indoors and it was at night, so the lighting wasn’t ideal.  Here she is, my big girl, getting her first ever hair cut from a dear friend of ours.

She was brave and amazingly didn’t talk throughout the whole process.  Her hair instantly looked healthier and is much easier to brush.

Bel x