My little baby is growing up.  It has happened fast just like everyone tells you it will when your pregnant but don’t necessarily believe.  She’s four in a few weeks time.  Her hair is long, very long.  It touches her bum and she’s never had it cut (unless you count the time where her and her friend nearly shaved eachother’s heads, luckily we caught them in the act with only a few strands missing).  It’s a drama most mornings to brush, blood curdling screams, tears gallore, begging and a head that wont stop moving.

And so last weekend, she had her first hair cut.  Of course the photographer and Mummy in me wanted and needed to document it all.  Excuse some of the photos which may be grainy, I was indoors and it was at night, so the lighting wasn’t ideal.  Here she is, my big girl, getting her first ever hair cut from a dear friend of ours.

She was brave and amazingly didn’t talk throughout the whole process.  Her hair instantly looked healthier and is much easier to brush.

Bel x


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