Girls Weekend

It has finally come around!! Our one weekend a year, where us Mum’s take off from home and down the highway as quick as you can say “Spa Treatment”.  Where cries of “Mum” are a distant memory and sleep ins are devoured.  Where you can have a long, hot soaking bath without having to share it with kids bath toys.  Where you can actually pour yourself a drink, cold or hot and actually finish it, because you don’t have to put it down to attend to someone else’s needs. Yes, this will be bliss!

Our girls weekend started 4 years ago now, after we got sick of the boys taking so many and wondering when the hell we would get our turn?  Last year we found our heaven at the Peninsula Hot Springs, and we will difinately be back there next year, and the year after and after. This year though, we have stayed closer to home, there are new babies who may need their Mumma’s or vice-versa at some stage.

So tonight, we head off for two nights of great company, relaxation and good times.  I’m hoping to take some pictures to share later (if the girls let me).

What are you up to this weekend?

Bel x


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