Tea Party

With a big family (on Hubby’s side anyway), Phoebe’s birthday is always a big celebration.  I always try to have a little party for her though, with a couple of our close friends kids.  To minimise numbers even more this year, Phoebe decided on a girls only tea party.  Love!

Pink was also a big theme.  I’m not sure exactly when it became her favourite colour but for her it was a must.  Teacups and Teapots sourced from the local Kmart.  I did try op shops for some nice vintage looking ones, but man they were expensive.

The beautiful birthday girl.  The toadstools were great, as each child arrived, they sat over here with Phoebe and had a photo.

And the spread!  Afternoon tea for the girls, including pink lemonade and lots of delicious sweets (the Mum’s had to taste test aswell).

And what’s a party without a chocolate fountain?  It was a big hit with the girls (and their faces and dresses).  The fruit went quicker than the lollies, very impressive.

And the beautiful, scrumptious cake, which I wish I could say I made.

Party Info:

Teacups and Teapots, Kmart

Chocolate fountain, toadstools, kids tables and chairs, Melbourne Full of Air

Cake, CJ Sweet Treats (she also makes beautiful macarons).

Party games, ribbon and lolly bags, all from Spotlight

Even though it was a huge and tiring weekend, the main thing was that Phoebe had a wonderful time with her close friends AND the sun was shining, what a great day for a tea party outside!

Bel x


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